Marking time

So I launched into July with two writing goals.

Number 1 was to work back through my whole book for the first time from start to finish as a ‘put together’ manuscript, versus chapter by chapter as it had previously been. The second was to update (which really meant scrap and start again) my synopsis. I feel I’m just weeks, maybe two months max from querying the book again and that meant I couldn’t leave the synopsis forever gaining dust in the depths of the computer.

Revising was going ‘swimmingly’ until I hit a glitch in chapter 25 which is the climatic chapter to the book for me. I have my characters in a car race, something like the Variety Bash, heading through outback roads on route to the climactic end; and suddenly I had trouble with the passage of time. I want to show them at the launch of the car race, and then pretty much I want them to get to night 4 where everything comes together. But we need to know four days have passed/ four nights.

Initially I thought I could do it via some blog entries from the heroine, showing her picking out a few things in each day; but as I revised it, I felt like it destroyed the pace and just killed everything that had been leading up before it. The voice/style was different too and I didn’t think in a good way.

So today I’ve killed that blog section and I’m trying to work through it. I think it’s working better now.

I always picture editing/revising like having a haircut. (I only get my hair cut about once a year so this analogy may not work for all). Initially I (aka the hairdresser) take big chunks out, then as we get down to it, it’s shaping here and snipping there, taking out dry/dead ends; a bit of a spritz here, a bit of spray there… and viola!

On and off through this ‘haircut’, and through school holidays and trips to the playgrounds and a movie expedition to Ice Age 4 in 3-D; I’ve been bashing away at the synopsis. If anyone out there has seen a definitive ‘how to write a synopsis’ post – I’d welcome a link to it because I’m struggling.

Onwards and upwards…

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