A personality test for your blog

First, a test of personality (aka resilience) for me! I’ve reworked (again) my opening scene and first chapter or so. It’s really that opening scene that is giving me grief. The STALI takes the first 5000 words so it’s a good chance to go through it one more time.

Dare I say, I feel like I’ve got it right over the last few days, but I won’t post it again: twice is enough! I will enter the RWA’s STALI (Single Title And Loving It) and see what feedback I get and then plan what happens from there. The STALI is open now until October 5.

I had downloaded the entry form the other day and my husband happened to come into the office and was looking over my shoulder for a second and he said: “What’s this? You’re Single and Loving it?” in the type of voice that said he thought he was being given the flick and I was signing up for online dating sites… LOL

In the meantime, I found this ‘personality test for your blog’ the other day which you may find fun: http://www.typealyzer.com/ 

There’s a personality test you can do too from the Shrinking Violet Promotions link but that takes much longer and needs a lot more check-marks completed. http://shrinkingvioletpromotions.blogspot.com.au/

Go Eagles tonight. I hope they can stitch up Collingwood. 

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