And I’ve finished… again

Okay, so at risk of sounding like a broken record, I have now finished His Brand Of Beautiful for the fourth time.

The first time was in May 2011. When the story was complete crap only I hadn’t yet worked that out.

Then I finished it again in August 2012, after a year of learning everything I could about craft. In time to enter the Choc Lit, Search For An Australian Star competition.

Then I finished it again in September 2012. In time to enter RWA’s STALI, and Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Dance. (I really wrote Dance… of course I meant So You Think You Can Write!!!)

Today. I am declaring it finished. Again. I finish this book as regularly at the moon comes up…

The difference between now and ‘the end’ in August and September, is my two critique partners. First Kathy, now Kylie. I think I will stop at two (if they’re happy to stick with me) because if I do so happen to get another ‘K’… in the fold, things might get a bit scary!

Kathy picked up big things. Big holes in plot. Big motivation problems.

Kylie is the second person I’m trialling with through RWA’s critique partners program. She is the first to review the latest ‘reviews’. And she’s liking it. But she too has picked up a few more, what I like to call: WTF?? How did that happen… moments.

For eighteen months, every time I’ve typed The End, I’ve felt more excited about the book. It is a far better book than in May 2011. For that matter, it’s a far better book than August 2012. I think all it shares with the May 2011 original, is the title.

Next week… no, who am I kidding? I will be terribly hard-pressed not to hit ‘send’ on it again tomorrow, as I have a request for a full that I’ve been holding, pending this last fortnight of revision and soul-searching, and I am absolutely busting to get it whirling through cyberspace and on its way.

Patience. Patience. Nah. I don’t have it. Will I ever learn?

1 thought on “And I’ve finished… again”

  1. Update!
    So… I wrote this when? Six days ago. As you might guess, I just finished the book again, today, yep, almost another week later. But this time it’s really, truly final. LOL. I’ve sent it off to the publisher who requested the full. Now it’s back to the waiting game because I need to give it a break. Also, it’s time to concentrate on my CP Kylie’s manuscript…

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