What a week it’s been!

I can’t think of many bigger weeks in the life of Lily Malone.

First: We sold our house. The cooling-off period ended at midnight last night, and that means the deal is done. In the new year, we’ll be moving interstate to Margaret River. (Anyone who knows me will understand my excitement about that!) Margaret River means WINE… So does South Australia of course – this is the wine state! But for me, Margaret River is also a move back to family roots. My mum and sister are still there. My best friend – who gives me wonderful fodder for my heroines – is currently in Perth but she’s planning a move down south to Margaret River too. So it’s exciting times in 2013. We’ve been in South Australia 12 years early next year. I can’t believe how quickly it’s all gone… Two ‘real’ careers, a part-time job, two kids, one loved-and-slaved-over debut book later…

When I picture myself next year, I’m in my office/study/writing nook, with my fingers tripping light-music across the keyboard and I’m near a big picture-window with a view of the forest… sigh… (Work with me here: this is still dream-land and I can picture next year as rose-coloured as I like! My children don’t demand apples and repeat viewings of Shaun The Sheep when I’m in the midst of writing my steamiest sex scenes in my Margaret River dream-land!)

Now – it’s not often that you’d have to decide between the sale of a house and a move interstate for priority with the SECOND huge news of the week. I have a publishing contract on the way! My first one. I am so very excited. Nah. Excited isn’t the word. I’ve been pinching myself all week. Each morning I open the email expecting to see a note that says: ‘oops, sorry… my mistake. I confused your story with someone else…’ 🙂 (This, my wonderful best friend tells me, is my self-doubt speaking!) Self-doubt, take a hike!

It seems like there is a huge amount of opportunity in the industry at the moment for debut authors. I think it’s the e-publishing revolution doing it. e-publishers don’t have the upfront costs of print so they can take more chances on newbie authors. The big pay-off for those publishers will be if they discover a voice the reading public loves. Move over 50 Shades and Stephenie Meyer… here comes… Ainslie Paton, Juliet Madison, Lily Malone???

Juliet Madison wrote about her ‘call story’ on her blog this week. I so understood how she felt.

Today we have friends coming for pre-Christmas lunch at our house, something we do each year. (I’m making moussaka & cherry icecream – ahem, not together in case you wondered). I digress! None of those friends know that I’ve been writing. I’ve kept it under wraps for two years and only just started coming out of the closet in the last six months.

My husband is off to buy champagne, (Brian Croser bubbles – they’re wonderful for a special occasion). Our friends will all think we’re celebrating the house sale and Christmas… I’m not sure yet whether I’ll mention the ‘other’ news. But as I sip my fizz, I’ll be toasting my huge secret too. And maybe I’ll let the cat out of the bag.

I look forward to relaying my own ‘Call story’ soon.



7 thoughts on “What a week it’s been!”

  1. I’ll drink to that, Lily. One day I hope to drink with you for real, but you are probably now at the furthest distance, diagonally speaking, from me. Seriously now. About telling your friends. Only you know how they will react. Or will you? I have heard all sorts of stories from people who have come out of the writing closet with a bang, only to get negativity and smirks. My experience, not even my own family was excited when I told them. And it actually took a bit of the shine off when I wasn’t ready. So take a deep breath and think about it. Maybe better to let you and hubby get used to it all. I know it’s hard. This time last year I almost had a contract. Also had ten writer friends come for Christmas lunch, all talking about their success. I couldn’t say anything. Killed me, but you know what? In the end it was good because when I did break the news it was another celebration all over again. okay, lecture over.

  2. Hi Jenn – no way did I see your comment as negative – I thought of it like everything I see you do – genuine, thoughtful and encouraging. Thank you very much! I find the hardest thing in telling someone that you’re writing, is they just don’t understand how l-o-n-g the process is. How do you explain that the damn thing has been in your head for 18 months. That you finished it about twenty times already, and the rest. That it was complete crap for a year (which is why I didn’t mention it to anyone) and then I suddenly started to feel like it wasn’t crap anymore when it finalled in an RWA comp, and I felt like maybe it was on the way to being a good story.
    My husband (bless him) hasn’t been the most supportive figure you could ever have. He wasn’t negative but more “why don’t you write a real book”. Don’t you love that? ‘Real’, as in, anything but romance. I kept saying: romance is what I want to write…
    I know what you’re saying, and we’ll see how the moment goes. Thanks for sharing.
    There’s also the side of me that hasn’t yet got the contract in her hot little hands… and until that happens, I don’t care how many letters of offer/acceptance & memos I see – I don’t know if I’ll believe it’s all for real until that point.
    But still… WOO HOOO! I’ve been rolling that boulder up the mountain for so long, I feel like I’ve just pushed it over the other side.

  3. Oops! I take that all back about my hubby not being supportive. He just walked in the door with two bottles of Moet!!! But maybe they’re for the house sale… oh what the hell – who cares!

  4. So did you tell your friends?

    Huge congratulations about your publishing contract! So are you going to the RWA conference next year? I’ll cheer for you when you get your first sale ribbon 🙂

    1. Do you know, my husband told the first set of friends who arrived. I had decided not too, unless they asked if I was “still doing my writing…” Don’t you love how people you’ve ever mentioned it to, put it like that?
      Anyway. They were really thrilled for me.
      It didn’t come up again, and I haven’t told the others. I have told my family now though and a few close friends. Because I still don’t have the ‘contract’, I feel like I don’t want to jeopardise anything!

    2. Oops. Sorry. You asked about RWA. I’ll try to get there. We are moving to West Australia at the end of January and with the RWA conference in Freo, I think it would be a great one to get too.

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