Some days are diamonds

Have you ever been driving around, and you see the car bumper sticker: Magic Happens?

Half of us probably think: “Yes, it does!”… I have no doubt the other half think: “Yeah. So does shit.”

Well. I had a diamond of a day yesterday where magic happened.

During the week something (I’m not sure what) motivated me to check out the RWA Contest info and particularly, the Little Gems contest for short stories. I’ve never written a short story, unless you want to count something about Dick and Dora and them finding a long-lost cat. Little Gems stories are max 3000 words and this year’s theme is Sapphires. So a sapphire has to feature somewhere.

I sat down to watch the start of the Hobart cricket test (yes, procrastinating again from my WIP and blaming cricket). It was raining and the start was delayed and so I wandered into the computer room.

This whisper of an idea for Little Gems had been swirling in my mind. The kids were being beautifully behaved and happy drawing (and playing Sharp Tooth – which is my youngest son’s version of Dinosaur games), and I just sat down at the computer and everything flowed. By 11am, I was already half-way to my 3000 words and I’d reread them a few times.

About that time, my eldest son started asking about a trip to the playground. Because the muse was flowing, I was tempted to say, “later mate”… but then I changed my mind and we all traipsed down to the playground. It was a fast traipse because my three-year-old took off on me and my five-year-old (appropriately dressed in his Superman suit) and I had to catch him before the road. (And the little bugger is getting fast!) We had a great hour down at the local school playground and oval.

Then it was back for lunch and I sat down again to write and by about 2 or 3pm, I’d finished 3000 words, with another couple of read-throughs. By 4 o’clock. I was calling it finished. I even flagged it on Facebook.

Cate Ellink wrote back that if: “everyone had days like that, everyone would be a writer.” She’s right. I told my husband about my day this morning (he works Saturdays). I even let him read the story – which is the first time he’s read anything I’ve written. Getting 3000 words in a day and feeling like they’re good – it’s gold. There are days I write nothing, and days I do worse than nothing (write crap that gets deleted).

One of the things I struggle with is balancing being a mum with my writing. Sometimes I have these magic days, like yesterday, when I feel like I’ve achieved what I want to achieve, and my kids have had a good day too. We finished the day by picking zucchinis (I have a bumper crop) and delivering them up the road to friends where the kids had a play.

It was only much later, when I switched on the Channel 7 news and saw the dramas of another mass shooting in America, that the rest of the world broke in upon my dreamy little bubble. I don’t know the answers. I don’t begin to understand the politics of their problem. But I so hope they can find a way.

5 thoughts on “Some days are diamonds”

  1. Hey Lily,
    You did have a ripper of a day. They need to be bottled up and because they don’t happen to me very often – not sure how though but a blog post could do it 🙂

    I’m not much good at Facebook, so imagine my joy at you thinking I left a sensible comment!

    And isn’t it so often the way that you have a fantastic moment where you’re riding waves… only to be smashed onto shore by something unexpectedly awful.

    I hope you have many more diamond days!

    Cate xo

  2. Update. I worked on this short story again today after a wise head told me “I had a good relationship story, not necessarily a romance…” So I was head down and bum up (hmm, actually that’s not a good position for writing, make it head up, bum down), and rewrote the story. This time when I put the news on, it was to hear Tony Greig had died of a heart attack, and Mike Hussey was retiring at the end of the summer. Cricket won’t wound the same without Tony.
    I’m not writing on Saturday’s anymore. Bad stuff happens.

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