I think this writer’s unblocked

I have my mojo back! Yeah baby!!!

Four nights in a row I’ve written this week, after a very long hiatus. (A very well-documented long hiatus, given how writer’s block has dominated this blog of late!) I’m enjoying my words again, and I’m liking what’s happening on the page.

This is what has helped me the most:

a) Scrapping the story that didn’t want to be written (see previous post)

b) Reading a brilliant book. (I read The Yearning by Kate Belle. This book has put a hand in my stomach and squeezed hard. I loved it. I haven’t been so gripped by a book in a long while. Is it a sign of the times that two of the three books I rate highest in my ‘shelf’ this year are paperbacks, and only one is Kindle, yet the percentage of my reading these days is much more Kindle oriented?

c) The Aussies being crap at cricket. Because the Aussies are crap at cricket, the Ashes test finished almost two days early (really it was over about lunchtime on Day 2). I was so fed up with the shoddy goings on at Lords that I tuned out the game unless Warnie was the commentator (upon which I listened with rapt attention – I can listen to Warnie talk cricket for hours).

d) The end of the Tour de France. Yes – I spent hours over the last few weeks when I could have been wrestling with the story that didn’t want to be written, instead listening to Phil Liggett and watching men in tight lycra torture themselves on two wheels. (I could almost [but not quite] listen to Phil Liggett talk cycling all day. He even makes all that lycra okay.

The upshot of all this is: I’ve been able to put solid hours of writing together and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve been doing. When I finished each night’s writing (tonight that’s because the battery in the laptop needs a recharge rather than that I have run out of words), I read The Yearning, and Kate Belle’s story further inspired me to write.

My new book is called Fairway to Heaven. It’s in first person, set in Perth. My heroine (Jenn) will soon move down south to Margaret River after having her heart broken by an arsehole (who else). And in a new place she’s going to rediscover how much she loves swinging a golf club. My Jenn (don’t call her Jennifer) is going to rediscover her mojo too. Quoting a little more Lord Of The Rings: “Jenn is going to wake up, and find she is strong!”

Thank you for putting up with me while I’ve moped on my blog. If you see me grizzle once in at least the next two months (about anything except how crap the Aussies are at cricket), please send me a cyber shake. Or should that be a cyber poke?

5 thoughts on “I think this writer’s unblocked”

  1. Kate Belle’s latest post on ‘Gratitude vs Gratification’ gave me food for thought and made me want to begin exploring an idea further. I love how other writers can inspire us–often by simply writing so beautifully that we feel the need to get back into it too. Looking forward to your golfing Jenn’s story!

  2. The Yearning is awesome, isn’t it? It sent my brain on a little freak out spin! So glad that it’s inspired you to write – along with the cricket and cycling and golf (hmm…see a theme here? If Warnie takes up golf, you’re sunk!!)

    Happy writing mojo-ing!!

    Cate xoxo

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