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Breakfast, and cricket. What are you doing this Australia Day?

AustraliaDaybloghop2014How are you spending Australia Day? Near to where I live, the local Lions Club is hosting a free breakfast in the Park. It’s a great family fun day of sausages, eggs and bacon, with music, and the annual awarding of a local Citizenship Award recognising those stellar locals who show great community spirit.

Community is big in regional Australia and with small town values of friendship and fair play, it’s probably no surprise that small rural towns make such great settings for novels.

My new release Fairway To Heaven is a summer story, set on the beaches at Busselton on the shores of beautiful Geographe Bay. It’s a real town. It’s a real book. You’ll find no ‘escapism’ or ‘purple prose’ here. It’s golf – but not as you know it, and (because I’m sporty) I’ll take a bet that it’s romance too, just not as you might expect.

“Don’t let a lack of interest in golf put you off this book. Because it’s fabulous!”
All The Books I Can Read (23 January 2014).

“This was an absolute find. I laughed so hard at one point in time I ended up pouring tea on myself.” Georgina Penney (9 January 2014).


How will you spend Australia Day? Leave me a comment to win an e-copy of my book. You can double your chances to win if you also LIKE me on Facebook, or FOLLOW me on Twitter while you’re at it. You can learn more about my three published novels to date by visiting the My Books menu on this site.

When you’ve finished having your wicked way with me, please return to Book’d Out, to learn about more wonderful Australian Authors, and do it all over again! Return to base by clicking here. Thank you Book’d Out for hosting me!

33 thoughts on “Breakfast, and cricket. What are you doing this Australia Day?”

  1. Having just been to the Farmers’ Market and bought heaps of different berries and free range eggs, I’ve realised that it is my patriotic duty to make Pavlova for Australia Day. And so I shall.

  2. We are having a very casual weekend with family and friends this year and I’ll also try to find some pockets of time to do some reading. Happy Australia Day.

  3. We’ll be spending the day down on Moreton Bay – sadly not sailing but getting Roo Bin Esque ready for slipping this week. But I’m sure the markets at Manly will be awesome tomorrow with an Australian flavour!

  4. Fantastic to find an AU author with an AU setting !
    I’m doing the Around the World in 80 Books reading challenge, so yours would def knock that one off the shelf 😉
    Have a HaPpy AU DAY !

    and thank you for your generosity in offering it int’l..

  5. Ooh, I’m excited about your book! I really loved the cover, thought it’s such a clever cover! 😉 plus I read the review just the other day so it’s already in my horizon of to-read 🙂

    Unfortunately, I’ve caught a cold just in time for the long weekend so I’d mostly be at home recuperating *pout*

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. having a few quiet days getting ready for the start of school and relaxing on the last few days of freedom 🙂

  7. I’ve been busy writing and editing the second draft of my fifth novel, so I’ll probably be spending most of Australia day working on that. The weather is good, so I’ll probably sit on the back veranda. And maybe I’ll be patriotic about it and munch on a Vegemite foldy over sandwich as I work … Fairway to Heaven sounds like a great book.

  8. Just got back from a week down south in Bunbury and Busselton, so will be recovering by having a quiet weekend reading by the pool 🙂

  9. I’ll be working – no holiday in the health system!

    That is fantastic that your book is set in Busselton – it’s a lovely place and great to see a W.A. location too. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  10. Golf, but not as you know it? Sounds like my round yesterday. Sigh.
    Looking forward to this book. Not enough golf romance in the world!
    No idea what today holds yet. The man is planning something though. I can see it in his eyes…

  11. Hi Lily! Happy Australia Day! Hope your brekky in the park is great. I’m having a quiet day to start with, then out to lunch with my son. I’m loving this Book’d Out blog hop! Have a great day! Cheers, Noelle.

  12. Thank you everyone – I hope you’ve had a wonderful Australia Day wherever you are – and I’m so very pleased to meet everyone here at my blog, and hear what you’ve been up to today. I have had the most relaxing Australia Day with the local community club breakfast this morning and then we’ve ended up at a BBQ this afternoon… I’ve just seen Stan win the tennis and Australia win the cricket and the only thing I disagree with in this lovely day, is the outcome of the Triple J Top 100 (a radio station’s annual vote-in Top 100 songs for 2013). I wanted to see Royals (Kiwi song) win.

  13. We spent Australia Day on a family holiday – but ended up with everyone but me getting gastro! I am the last man standing, but I am ready to fall into my couch now! Hope you had an awesome day, Lily! x

  14. I spent Australia Day blog hopping in the morning (well half the list anyway), and then with the family in the pool. We brought giant floating thongs and a floating esky just for the occassion and were very much relieved when the sun finally deceided to peak through the clouds! We were going in the pool regardless though.

    1. I forgot to mention I follow you on facebook too!

      On a side note I’ve heard a lot of great things about your new book, now having read those reviews above and a few others I’m going to have to give it a try – the golf aspect was putting me off but there seems to be a lot of non-golfers loving this, so I’m going to read it 🙂 Who knows I might find some new golf balls in the pool as well – I live near a school and there’s a bunch of people who play golf. I wouldn’t say they are too good yet, because our pool isn’t their planned ‘hole’ but its seems to be where they end up most of the time. We have a huge collection because of it 🙂

      1. Hi Jess
        Thanks for getting off your giant floating thong to pay me a visit! (Did LOL at that mental picture – plus the esky – glad the sun shone for you). It means a heap to me that you’ve heard good things about Fairway. Ages ago I posted here about the title, and whether people would think it was golf, golf, golf. If it hadn’t been called ‘Fairway to Heaven’ it might have been The Sweetest Swing… I guess we’ll never know now 😉 I have been trying hard to make sure people know it’s not just about golf.
        Lily M

  15. I’m very curious about your new book Lily 🙂 Glad you had a lovely Aussie Day, as we did…thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Thank you everyone who visited my blog as part of Shelleyrae’s Book’d Out Australia Day Blog Hop. I have had such a wonderful time, and I can’t wait to do it all over again next year.
    My winner of the e-book Fairway To Heaven, is Eleni Konstantine!

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