Naughty Ninjas

Lily Gets Her Ninja On

How many times can a girl be called “Lovely Lily” before she explodes? Lord knows I’ve tried to convince the universe that I have a mean streak three miles long, but the universe refuses to listen. So now I have proof. Absolute proof. Proof thrice over.

  1. Lily %22Beanie Queen%22 Malone copyAccording to the Zimbio Star Wars personality quiz, I am DARTH VADER!!! (Nasty bastard!)
  2. According to this video here, I have a killer high kick, and you don’t wanna mess with me! (Ninja mum!)
  3. And, according to the contract I signed in the disappearing juice of a lemon, I am also Lily “Beanie Queen” Malone, she of the Naughty Ninjas. (Look! I even have my own ICON. Doesn’t it look nasty! Bwhahahahahaaaa.) No. It’s not pink. It’s puce-coloured.


So who are the Naughty Ninjas?
I am SOOO glad you asked! Let me read you our marketing blurb so you can start quaking:

“We’re six mean, lean, silent and deadly… cupcakes. Romantic, fluffy cupcakes who write stuff designed to give you all the feels.”

“WHAT! Noooooooooo. Damn you universe!” *Shakes Fist At Universe*

Reads on: “We write about lurv and naughty goings on, and people should go find our books and read them because our mums all say they are AWESOME.”

*Shakes First At Universe Some More*

Reads on: “We decided to see what would happen if all six author brains pulled together in a tandem effort, like a team of eager but easily distracted huskies tied to a giant, mutant sled.” 

“Ooh… Huskies, hey? I love huskies, and I always wanted to go sledding… all that lovely white snow…”

To Be Continued
(When The Beanie Queen Finishes Sledding)



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