I’m IT: More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About How I Write.

I loved this writing process blog from my fellow Escape Artist & fellow Naughty Ninja, Sandra Antonelli. I especially loved it because she put ‘Murder’ and ‘Toilet brush’ in a sentence! On Monday, I get to continue the meme, and Kylie Kaden is following me. Kylie releases her debut book, Losing Kate, from Random House publishing in April. (So exciting!)

Sandra Antonelli

Chances are, if you’re a writer you’ve been asked to ‘pssst, pass it on’ with a little ditty ’bout how you write. I was dobbed in to answer four questions by the talented and very amusing Miss Imelda Evans. 

Now, Miss Imelda loves happy endings, writes quick-paced stories with snappy dialogue, karaoke (I know, right? So awesome!), a nifty dose of hilarity and quirk — and you know how I love quirk. Also, Imelda never minds if you whack her in the face with a horse blanket-style pashmina several times over the course of a long conference weekend, which is what happened when we met. I oh-so-gracefully slapped her in the face with my wrap at least ten times.

Go on and read Imelda’s Rules Are For Breaking and Playing By the Rules. You’ll love ’em!

Meanwhile, I’ll answer the Burning Questions (but only because they burn…

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