The 10 Best Days Of My Life: #feelingnostalgic

I’m feeling nostalgic, and very ‘zen’ at the moment and it made me ponder the reasons behind that. I very rarely feel either ‘nostalgic’ or ‘zen’. Usually I feel like I rush through my life forgetting things I should remember, and remembering all the stuff I wish I could forget!

So the fact I’m feeling this way has made me ponder the reasons why.

Me at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Such a highlight... you can tell by my face! ;)
Me at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Such a life highlight… you can tell by my face! 😉

Nostalgia first. This weekend is the Margaret River Show. The very best night of my life happened at the Margaret River Show when I must have been 14 or 15. I remember going to the Show with a girlfriend, and riding the Ferris Wheel with the guy who was my high-school (and unrequited) crush. Spinning and whirling and thinking how wonderful it was to be spinning and whirling with him!

I woke in the small hours of last night and for some reason, I started thinking of the 10 best days/nights of my life! Why? Because that’s what I do when I’m feeling nostalgic – I make lists!

It went like this:

  1. The Margaret River Show at age 14 or 15 with the High School crush.
  2. My wedding day (you could make that my wedding week – except I didn’t like my hen’s night much)
  3. The night in hospital when I had my first baby, and it was just him and me and I had time to reflect on what had happened that day and what a marvel he was. And the day my second son was born and he opened his eyes and looked at me.
  4. The first time I saw Bridget Jones Diary at the Margaret River Cinema. I’ve still never laughed so much at any other movie.
  5. The day I walked across the bridge at Victoria Falls. (Must go back)
  6. Hot air ballooning over the Masai Mara and having champagne breakfast out on the plain.
  7. Trekking to see the gorillas in the wild in Zaire. (Maybe I should have grouped all the above into my Africa safari when I was 19. I had my 19th birthday in Tanzania and that could have made the list too).

    With a chimpanzee in Zaire, the afternoon after coming back from a trek to see gorillas in the wild. Happy times.
    With a chimpanzee in Zaire, the afternoon after coming back from a trek to see gorillas in the wild. Happy times.
  8. A friend’s wedding in the Barossa Valley (hello Maarit Linke). Hubby and I had a wonderful time at that wedding (pre-kids) and we ended up walking from Tanunda to Nuriootpa (in heels, well I did, not my husband) because we didn’t want to wait for a taxi to take us home. And because we were young and foolish and thought the 10km walk (or whatever it is) at one in the morning would be fun. (Which it was… but oh our aching feet)
  9. Singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ ba ba baaam, at the top of my lungs in a restaurant in Hahndorf while a guitarist sang & played. We had just had some incredible good news, hubby and I. It was a huge relief and we were celebrating.
  10. A trip I did to Kalbarri to fix my broken heart when I must have been about 24 or 25. I went on my own, and I remember meeting a couple of dudes who were on a fishing trip, playing pool with them (Seal’s Kiss From A Rose was all the rage) and spending time at the beach, or fishing or horse-riding. That week restored my poor battered confidence no-end.

It might be all the recent ‘gratitude’ posts on Facebook that are feeding this nostalgia too. I feel very balanced and centred in my life right now… which leads me on to the ‘zen’.

It’s almost two years since we left South Australia and returned to my roots in Western Australia. We’ve built our new house and we’ve made some wonderful new friendships, and rekindled old ones. The kids are happy in their school, and life is good.

I’ve finished my 4th book this week, So Far Into You, and it’s now out with my trusted three friends and critique partners who are reading it for me, and they’ll soon tell me what they think.

I’ve said on my blog, and I’ve told anyone who’ll listen that I’m usually incredibly impatient with my writing. Not so this time.

Normally at this stage, I’m foaming at the mouth wanting to get the darn thing “out there”… get it into the hands of publishers and have it join the massive queues of books they have in any one time in their submission pile.

Previously this impatience is one of the main reasons I’ve chosen the self-publishing route. If you choose early to self-publish, then once you’re happy with your book and beta readers have seen it and (presumably) it’s edited and polished to an inch of its life, well at that point if you want to, you can send it out to the world and let readers judge if it’s any good or not.

Not this time. I’m happy to wait.

See, feeling very zen.

Could you list the best 10 highlights in your life? I’d love to know what they’d be. Feel free to share in the comments or write your own blog. We could start our own meme! 🙂

3 thoughts on “The 10 Best Days Of My Life: #feelingnostalgic”

  1. Hey Lily,
    They’re awesome things to do – finish book 4, be Zen, and have a lit of top 10 things. And those things are awesome!!! Congrats on them all!

    I’ll have to think about my top ten things and get back to you. But a couple of things would be: a trip I did to the Daintree at 21, skydiving, the moment I met a good friend of mine, and owning my first horse.

    Thanks for a lovely post that made me smile.

    Happy zen-ing! I hope it lasts for weeks/months/years.

    Cate xo

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