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Did You Buy My Book, Mum?

SO FAR INTO YOU - smallerThe first week of a new release is always a nail-biting time… 

So far, my two cousins Sam and Yvette have read So Far Into You. My lovely boss has read my book, and a work colleague confessed to staying up till 2am last night, reading till her eyes were so blurry she couldn’t get the last few pages finished. I’ve had great feedback from writer and reading friends and early reviews have been awesome. (Sneak a peek at reviews here if you’d like)

My mother, however, is in the dog house. This is why.

Me: “So, Mum. Have you downloaded my new book?”

Mum: “No. I don’t like all the ads. When I bought your last book on my tablet, Kindle sends me all the ads. All I do is delete them.”

Me: *a little shocked*: “So delete them and buy my book. It’s no big deal. It’s not every day I write a new book.” 

Mum: “I thought I’d just wait till it was in print.”

Me: “You could be waiting a very long time, Mum.”

Mum: “Your Fairway book is going to be in print. I thought this one might be too.”

Me: “Well it might be, Mum, if the sales go well. But that might not happen at all, and it might not happen for a year or more.”

Mum. “Oh. I guess so.”

Me: “Sam and Yvette have read it. That means Aunty Jan will read it, I bet. She’ll read it before you… then you’ll be in trouble.” Guilt trip. Guilt trip. Guilt trip.

Mum: “That’s true. Okay. I’ll buy your book. I’ll put up with the ads.”

Me: *Job done.*


10 thoughts on “Did You Buy My Book, Mum?”

  1. Oh, that’s so funny! She doesn’t quite get how important it is to you that your mother reads it! Nevertheless, I’m glad you guilted—I mean, talked—her into it.

  2. Mine hasn’t read my books either – it’s apparently “too hard” to download and read ebooks. She’s quite pleased I’m doing a Createspace version of Reach for the Stars so she can “finally read one”. *sigh* 😀 So I hear you!

  3. Sweets, just finished your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have stayed up late reading and making excuses to keep reading! I made sure I was early for an appointment so I could finish it and without giving anything away got transported from the boring car park in Adelaide to wanting crab for lunch! I felt a lot of things were very familiar! Long may breeze rein! Xx. Ps time for a Savy tonight!

    1. Hi gorgeous! I love your support and I appreciate it soooo much! Lots of this book was familiar – the dogs made it more so – and the old house/renovation… it has a real SA feel for me, and a Margies feel. In many respects the book is kind of like my life with the way it moves from one place to the other.

  4. I think there’s a rule somewhere that advises never sell to your family. It will end in tears.

    I’ve ended in tears…but only once.

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