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Words are a Flowin’

It’s been a long time since I could say with any honesty that I’m making progress with some writing, but finally I’ve been getting some words down this week. Once again, I have my writing group, The Naughty Ninjas to thank for my word count. They helped me kick off the writer’s block blues with my contribution to our story about synchronised swimmer Stephen, and his experiences in his one-sided thong at the after-olympics party… If you want to read about Stephen you have to sign up to the ninja’s newsletter. You can do that here.
I’m working on something called Butterfly House Book 1. I’ve had feedback from my editor at Escape Publishing and she’s told me to kill a darling, and develop a bit more of the ‘romance’… so I’m working on that. On the whole, she likes the idea of the Butterfly House book(s) and that’s something. Because this story is a bit odd-ball 🙂
So that’s the good news.

Something else that works for me when I’m a bit blocked, is to read, and I’ve been doing a fair bit of that.

I read across a lot of genres and this week I think I’ve covered a fairly good gamut. First up, I finished the third book in Jenn J McLeod’s ‘Season’s’ trilogy, Season of Shadow and Light. I enjoyed this a whole heap. I’ve had it on Kindle for quite some time and Jenn’s new book, The Other Side Of The Season is out now so I felt a pressure to get book 3 read before I ordered book 4.51nfpZe24sL._AC_US160_
Tick to me!
Here’s my review of Season Of Shadow and Light.

After that, I got sidetracked thanks to one of my Naughty Ninja buddies, Roz Groves. I fell into the rabbit hole that is Sacrificed To The Dragon. Well, beam me up Scotty – this is paranormal erotic fantasy set in the modern-day UK, in a period when dragon-shifters are recognised by the UK Government and have their own clans and territories – although not everyone is happy to have dragon-shifters in Old Blighty.
I liked this a lot. A lot. Ok. I liked this more than is probably good for me.518ZJjYFa2L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

Which leads me to my literary quota for the week. I made myself a new years’ resolution to get more ‘literary’ this year and I’ve been making good use of Amazon deals when something I’ve dubbed suitably ‘literary’ has cropped up.

The Eye Of The Sheep by Sofie Laguna is one of these. I started the first three pages before work this morning and oh my holy heck, I am going to have to concentrate to get a good sense of what is going on. This book won the Miles Franklin award for 2015.

So this weekend it should be edits, edits, and some new words on Butterfly… and we’ll see how we go from there.

Are you reading anything interesting?


4 thoughts on “Words are a Flowin’”

  1. Hey Lily,

    Ooh, you have me intrigued with your Butterfly House books- can’t wait to see what they’ll be about. No less spectacular than your other books I’d say, so I’ll be waiting, waiting, waiting with bated breath for your first Butterfly book to be released.

    I’ve just finished Hot Stuff: Surfing Love – four fantastic short stories. Unpolished Gem: a memoir by Alice Pung – a thought-provoking read. And now I’m onto Claiming the Courtesan by Anna Campbell – love her books and absolutely love regency historical romance novels.

    Jenn J. McLeod’s first book was amazing, I just checked my read book list and I’m shocked that it was 2 years ago when I read it, it seems like only yesterday when I picked it up. Was going to read her second one on this trip but I want it kept in good condition so I left it at home. A book to look forward to when we return home back to the yucky cold!

    I don’t read fantasy of any kind, well ok, only Harry Potter. I did try a fantasy book once but I couldn’t get into it – maybe when I get older, lol. Have always wanted to read The Eye of the Sheep. Let me know what it’s like, Lily. Very curious.

    1. Thanks Sue! Butterfly has lots of options. Either multiple novella-length books, or maybe one longer book, and I’ve even got a little plan ticking away for a ‘Christmas at Butterfly House’… so we will see. The good thing for me is just to be writing anything, at all. I haven’t been doing much writing for months and months.
      Enjoy your travels. I’m having fun keeping up with you on FB.
      xx Lily

      1. Thanks Lily, it’s certainly a lovely and fun life being on the road. Glad you’re enjoying our travels on FB.

        Very happy you’re writing again, Lily, love your books, love your writing style, don’t ever give up!

  2. I’m reading ‘H is for Hawk’ which blows my mind away with how brilliant the writing is. A good book to try if your aim is to get more literary this year 🙂

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