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No Time Like Now

I’m a bit of a hermit crab during winter – I do like to stay at home and be warm and snug in my shell. For me, July has been very social. Last Saturday I went to Bogan Bingo with girlfriends, last night I went to the Bunbury Entertainment Centre with my sister for a Michael Jackson tribute show, and next Friday I have our annual work party end-of-financial year awards night in Busselton. All three events will involve fun music and dancing and reminiscing.

Photo is from the Michael Jackson History Tribute Show Facebook page.
Photo is from the Michael Jackson History Tribute Show Facebook page.

Last night’s Michael Jackson show in particular has me feeling very nostalgic this morning. I had a chance to see Michael Jackson on the History Tour when he visited Perth in December 1996. I didn’t go. It felt like too much money or too much trouble, and so I never saw Michael Jackson live.

It struck me as funny and a bit sad last night in a tribute show that was good fun, but was always going to be a bit kitsch and cheesy – that I’d paid $79 to see a ‘fake’ Michael Jackson, yet I’d baulked in years before about paying to see the real deal.

I think the lesson in this is, if you can afford it, and if one of your favourite performers comes to a venue near you – do whatever you can to get tickets because these performers won’t be there, or won’t be at their peak forever. I’m thinking too of Prince, who toured Perth just a few months before his death earlier this year.

Hubby and I went with friends to see Bruce Springsteen in Perth in February 2014 – and it goes down as one of the best things I’ve ever done; a lifelong memory.

There, a non-writing post – but sharing what’s on my mind this Saturday morning.

Hope your weekend is shaping up to be fun.

xx Lily

7 thoughts on “No Time Like Now”

  1. Hey Lily, I so agree with you. We only get one shot at this life so even if it costs mega bucks I’m with you, I’ll fork out whatever to see my favorite artist. I saw Josh Groban twice when he came to Melbourne. Have a great weekend.

  2. What a beautiful post! The older I get, the more I realise my strongest regrets aren’t for the things I’ve done that I wish I hadn’t—and there are a few of those—but for the things I didn’t do and wish I had. xx

  3. Great post, Lily, and so glad you and your husband went to see Bruce Springsteen in concert, as I just adore the man and his music. I couldn’t make the concert so I did the next best thing; I read his biography — Bruce by Peter Ames Carlin. It’s outstanding, and on reading it my admiration for Bruce Springsteen went through the roof, he’s a remarkable person.

    1. Springsteen is amazing. That concert was incredible – 3 hours of gutsy music and his band is good beyond words. So if I put that next to what I saw last night – it’s like putting AFL with the local league, (or even my kids’ league)… I really wish I’d seen MJ in concert. Like Louise said, sometimes it’s not regret for the things that you do, but for the things that you don’t do, and then never can.
      There’s a Springsteen documentary we watched in the last 18 months. ‘Springsteen and I’ – that’s worth a look, Marlish too.
      On a related matter – so many times my hubby and I would drive the inland route (SW Highway) between Perth and home and Brian (hubs) always said: “I’d love to stop in Yarloop”… but we always were wanting to get home, or to Perth, and we’d always say: “next time.” Now Yarloop is gone…
      I guess the lesson is ‘go’ to the concert, ‘stop’ in the town, do what you keep saying you’ll do, or meaning to do…
      Thanks for visiting here 🙂

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