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About a Book Launch

Oh what a night we had at the print launch of THE VINEYARD IN THE HILLS last Thursday. Can you believe more than 50 people came to hear me rabbit on about my writing life and writing journey? I ‘rabbited’ on for so long about baking fails, painting fails and writing fails, I almost forgot to talk about the writing success! (ie, the book!

The whole evening felt magical to me. So great to get the opportunity to launch my book locally amongst family and friends, and then to find new readers from local bookclubs, and friends of friends who were dragged came willingly, along.

Thank you to Fermoy Estate wines of Margaret River who sponsored the wines for the evening. We definitely enjoyed the liquid refreshment 🙂 Biggest thank you in the world to Pauline and Keith McLeod of the brilliant, fabulous, amazing, independent THE MARGARET RIVER BOOKSHOP!

Mostly, I’ve just been blown away by the people who bought my book at the launch, who’ve let me know they bought the book from a shop, have spotted the book, are reading or have read the book, and enjoyed the story. It is just the very best feeling in the world to have someone tell you they like the story you spent so many months slaving over.


I’m offering a giveaway on my Facebook page and here on the blog. I’ll announce the winners in the first week of October. To enter, you just need to snap a picture of THE VINEYARD IN THE HILLS and either tweet it to me @lily_lilymalone or post on your Facebook (friend me first if you like) and tag me, or email me at lilymalone@

Above I’ve put together a collage of some of the pics of the launch, and photos that have been coming in so far.

Thanks for celebrating this very special time with me 🙂

12 thoughts on “About a Book Launch”

  1. Stunning photos and obviously a fantastic book launch event. Sad I wasn’t there! Even just to taste the wine, let alone buy my own copy of your very own wonderful book THE VINEYARD IN THE HILLS – and you know I love this story. Well done and congratulations Lily. x

  2. I was thrilled to be able to be there and be part of the celebration! I loved the Q&A—the funniest I’ve witnessed. I was tickled by the question, ‘And how much of an inspiration has (husband’s name) been?’ But my personal favourite was, ‘You don’t have to answer this (always a great start!), but have you noticed you’ve become more demanding in the bedroom since writing romance?’
    It was such a fun launch, Lily. I hope your book does really well! x

    1. My very best friend Jules asked the ‘demanding in the bedroom’ question, and I’d distinctly told her “no curly questions!” How do you answer that??!!
      I had a wonderful night – all a bit of a warm fuzzy blur now – but it was so very special to see you and I cannot wait those 12 months or so I need to wait for another book launch 🙂

  3. Great photos, Lily! I love the one of you and Catherine which I saw on your Facebook page. Wish I could’ve been there it would have been so much fun. As soon as I’m home and over the jet lag which should be next week mid week I’ll get a snapshot of your book and post it on my FB page for the world to see, hee hee.
    Happy that your book launch went so well!

      1. Aww, and you’re so very welcome! I bought the book the other day, Lily. BUT I forgot to take a pic, was just so excited I found one as it was hiding on the bottom shelf where you could barely see it – I spotted a bit of green walked past it then returned and had a closer look, thank goodness, I did. But that’s ok, I don’t need to win one because one day soon I’m coming to Margaret River and my fingers are crossed that I’ll get to meet you and you can sign the book then and all the others that you will have written! Xoxo

        PS. Photo of your book coming on my FB page soon.

  4. Thanks for sharing these great pics of the launch of your very-soon-to-be bestseller -The Vineyard in the Hills. ! Enjoy your hard-earned success, Lily! x

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