Book Signing at Barefoot Books, Busselton

Jacinta and Izzy.
With Steph and Kim of Barefoot Books 🙂
Signing. Signing. Signing. So much fun!
With the lovely Lynda!

It has been the hottest day of spring yet in West Australia, and the south west shone today…

While my lovely friend Carrie was doing the Anaconda marathon/triathlon at Augusta, which involved swimming, bike-riding, running and a kayak to finish, I was very hard pressed signing books at Barefoot Books in Busselton today. Boy, that book signing is hard yakka. I had cupcakes to eat, coffee to drink, people to chat to, books to sign. I had to drive there without any children… I mean, phew! This is HARD WORK!!

Anyway, here are some pics of the book signing of The Vineyard In The Hills, More Time At The Beach and my new release, Who Killed The Bride, Butterfly House Book 1. Thanks to everyone who came along – was amazing to see your friendly faces!

Barefoot Books have copies of Butterfly House at their shop, and copies of all of my print books – they’re a wonderful supporter of local West Aussie authors. Be sure to call in and ask for a copy if you’re there 🙂

p.s. Thanks to Steph for the photos – and congrats on your very recent engagement! You should have seen the rock on Steph’s finger! 🙂


With Peta, Mistress of Barefoot Books…

4 thoughts on “Book Signing at Barefoot Books, Busselton”

  1. Well Lily, if I could occupy myself writing books I might not sign myself up for such foolish endeavours! (‘Twas fun though!) Glad you had a good day too x

  2. Hi Lily, you are having a lot of fun, a result of your creative talent. I love that bookshop and always visit when I’m down that way. I missed the cupcakes and they do look good, I’m very hit and miss when baking, I tried mixing a cake batter and repeating the mantra, baked with love, baked with love. Didn’t work x

    1. Hi Rae, yes I am on a wonderful fun ride at the moment, meeting lots of new people and doing things I wouldn’t otherwise do! (Like commander the arcade outside of a wonderful bookshop!) I agree Barefoot Books is a great shop. We’re very lucky to have supportive bookshops who love promoting local authors. The Margaret River Bookshop is a great one too.
      xx Enjoy finding photos of those Cow Parade cows – I’m loving them!

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