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Bulls, Bears, Barefoot, and Backhands

Winding down another school term, one week until school holidays in WA. It’s been a landmark kind of term. I’ve been busy, and today I’m feeling lazy.

I’ve finished writing Book 2 of my Chalk Hill Series. This is The Cafe By The Bridge, following Water Under The Bridge (both working titles), with Water Under The Bridge (Book 1)  due out in September 2018. (I’m now under a year till release day and counting!)

Book 2 is currently with three fabulous readers and friends, which puts me in that nail-biting time of waiting to see what they think.

I’m feeling lazy because it’s the most stunning spring day and I’ve just been on a 2.5 hour walk on the Cape to Cape track on the beautiful South West coast. There are wildflowers out, glorious yellow coastal wattle everywhere… and I really do think yellow is my favourite colour in nature’s garden.

Cape to Cape track, south of Ellensbrook.

Every few metres or so along the track we heard a skittle or scuttle of a gecko or skink (I refuse to think snake)… and we saw donkey, cowslip and pink lady orchids. Plus, my lovely friend Carrie got her arse wet posing for photographs… and that always makes me smile!

Seconds after this… Carrie got her arse wet 🙂

Aside from working hard to finish The Cafe By The Bridge I’ve been reading, a few different books to my usual suspects, plus beta reading for Juanita Kees. I’ve also rediscovered two long-dormant hobbies.

The first of these is tennis. I’ve been talked into donning the tennis whites to play a Thursday game with some local girls. The last couple of Thursdays we’ve gone up the court for a hit. OMG!! Major fail! Two weeks ago I tried four serves, none of which got over the net!

I took the plunge and bought a new racquet and this week the ball seemed to come off a little better, and I got some serves over the net. Perhaps this will not be a complete disaster.

So tennis and Lily. It’s a thing. (I even found proof in the dusty trophy cabinet of the tennis club, dating back to 1992-1993! My name engraved on a plaque for ladies singles! OMG I feel old 😉 )

51FdXQ7p-OLOne of the books I read in August was The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape. The book was a Kindle Monthly Deal on Amazon which meant it cost me about $5. Really good book. If you’re interested in paying off your mortgage, saving money on things such as credit card and bank fees and private health insurance; if you’re keen to find out how much Life Insurance, TPD and Income Protection you might need, or want to know if the fees you’re paying in Superannuation are fair, middling, or over the top; or you want an intro to shares, or get a sense of how much you’ll need to fund wine purchases in your retirement… this is a great starting point. I’m convinced the Barefoot way makes good sense.

The interesting thing is, in the last week at my work (my admin work) I’ve seen two customers come in with debit cards that had ‘splurge’ written across one, and ‘direct expenses’ across another, and of course now that I’ve read the book I recognised these terms. I commented on the words on the cards, and then had a chat with these two ladies about The Barefoot Investor and the Barefoot methodology.

I like to think I’m reasonable with managing money, but it’s still good to get a practical sense that you’re doing the right thing, and you’re on the right path.

So… The Barefoot Investor brought me to my second long-ago passion, though this one isn’t really a ‘passion’ as such. Many many (many) moons ago… (although not quite so long ago as the tennis trophy), a much younger Lily dabbled in the sharemarket. She dabbled so-oooo much she got completely wrecked in the Tech Wreck… (those old enough will understand the exact Tech Wreck I mean!) I’ve never touched the sharemarket outside of super since, but now after my read of the Scott Pape book, I’m prepared to dabble again.

This will be a different sort of dabble because I’m at a different stage of life. This will be a bluechip dabble, not a speculative seat-of-my-pants dabble. This is supposed to be a middle-aged lady sort of dabble where I won’t stress myself out based on a 10 cent swing…

Tennis and the stockmarket, hey? Who knew it was a thing… hmmm… maybe I should just stick to the writing. Watching Amazon rankings is its own kind of sharemarket rollercoaster ride!

xx Lily

So very lucky to live where I live… the ocean was stunning today 🙂


14 thoughts on “Bulls, Bears, Barefoot, and Backhands”

  1. I need some barefoot investment advice but I hate anything to do with money—my mind just floats away as soon as someone mentions finance or tax.
    Your walk today looks like fun—sorry to hear about Carrie’s wet arse, though.
    You’ve motored through writing your Chalk Hill books—I could do with lessons on how to do that, too—and I can’t wait to read them!

    1. See, I always liked money… and the sharemarket really interests me, but I went OTT with it 20 years ago. I don’t want to do that again (and hubby won’t let me) xx
      LollyGs has a lot to do with the amount of writing I’ve done this year. I love our group 🙂

    1. bahahahaha! I can control the oceans now, hey? What next! Was a great day. I have that sore body of a walk well done tonight… and a little bit sunburnt on my shoulders. #naughty

  2. I recently found myself lured into the world of digital currency trading and have invested – not a huge amount – into a currency called Ripple. I’ve been advised it is quite a roller coaster so I’m happy to take a softly softly approach and see how it pans out.

    Knowing my luck, it’ll probably tank…but who knows. You’ll never know unless you try.

    Looks like you’re absolutely spoiled over there Lily. Beautiful.

    1. ooh, see – this stuff gives me heebie jeebies. Cryptocurrency yeah? Bitcoin et al. I’ve vowed not to do this to myself this time around … 20-odd years ago I didn’t have much to lose, but now with family/kids etc, I have to be more disciplined! Tread carefully my friend and good luck!

  3. You’re fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world! Your photos were stunning. Congratulations on your writing progress – powering through it and putting fellow lollygaggers to shame 😊, which is actually a good thing. Your regular updates inspire me to keep going.
    I had to laugh at your phrase ‘middle-aged lady sort of dabble’. But I’m with Louise, that sort of talk makes my head loll (as opposed to lol🤣).
    Good luck with your tennis re-endeavours!

    1. I tell you what… in typical fashion the first share I bought, immediately after I bought it, issued an ASX announcement that their CFO was resigning… and the shares dropped about 20 cents the same afternoon I was away on this walk!!!

  4. Great pics, Lily. We’re lucky to be living right next to the ocean too. Love coastal living. Looking forward to reading your new books. Hubby listens to Scott Pape on the radio all the time, says he’s funny too. I hate anything to do with bills and money, hubby does it all, I must learn though, you know, just in case…. Hubby has been dabbling in the sharemarket all his life and he did quite well back in the day but in hindsight he could have done so much better. But we all say that, don’t we? Lol.
    Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

    1. Thanks Sue! Long weekend over here in the West this week, and the start of school holidays. I’m waiting for some sunshine! I think we must have used all the spring sunshine last week for this walk and these pics.

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