Who is buried in the Cowaramup Creek?

‘Quintessentially Australian, Lily Malone takes us into the heart of a family ravaged by secrets.’ Fiona Lowe, author of Home Fires

It’s been a long drought, but I’ve been busy behind the scenes and the next six months will let my readers see that I haven’t just been slacking about in my ugg-boots these last few years!

I have a new book ready to go. It’s called THE WATERHOLE and I am super proud of it, and I hope you love it, and I hope it sells its socks off so I can prove to publishers across the country that this story deserves a place in bookstores everywhere!

You can skip the rest of this post if you’d like to just find out how to buy it right here!

THE WATERHOLE is something different from me. It’s a dirty, gritty, cold-case mystery set in my home town of Cowaramup in West Australia.

Years ago, the subdivision where I live now was farmland and bushland. I used to ride a horse around the green paddocks of the land that is now known as the subdivision of Parkwater.

Since buying a block and building here, we’ve heard stories of a waterhole that used to be on the old land. It was said to be beautiful clear water, deep enough to swim in. Well, as you can imagine, once a residential subdivision was destined for this area, that waterhole was viewed as a potential law suit waiting to happen, and it was filled.

The premise for THE WATERHOLE, bases itself on that classic question: ‘what if?’ What if one day we dug down to find that waterhole and the excavator dug up human bones?

Voila! This story was born. I had decades-old bones dug out of a creek, and now I had to work out how they got there.

THE WATERHOLE does make for gritty reading at times. Some harrowing scenes occur in real-time on the page, so be prepared you might need to duck under the covers.

I think readers who enjoy Jane Harper’s style of split timeline stories, such as THE DRY and FORCE OF NATURE, where past decisions impact the future, will find similarities with THE WATERHOLE.

It’s a twisty tale, leaping in and out of three timelines as we follow the story of the Ross family who originally owned the Cowaramup farmland that was sold to create the subdivision. Like all of us, the Ross family has its secrets. I hope readers enjoy finding out about the family’s loves, losses and lies.

Local readers, or people who have had the very good luck to visit Cowaramup might notice I’ve taken some liberties with the town. There really isn’t a ‘Limestone rocky ridge’ that would look over the subdivision of Parkwater, nor is there a national park bordering the town. Please forgive me these liberties in lieu of the story. I’m calling it author’s rights.

If you’ve got this far, I’d love for you to hit the buy button and pre-order the book.

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Why pre-order? It makes me feel the love. It helps me work out how many print books to order. It might just convince a wonderful publisher that they should contract this title!

2 thoughts on “Who is buried in the Cowaramup Creek?”

  1. Hi Lily! how could I not pre-order from such a lovely writer. Will eagerly await delivery to my kindle!! Congratulations 😀

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