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Bulls, Bears, Barefoot, and Backhands

Winding down another school term, one week until school holidays in WA. It’s been a landmark kind of term. I’ve been busy, and today I’m feeling lazy.

I’ve finished writing Book 2 of my Chalk Hill Series. This is The Cafe By The Bridge, following Water Under The Bridge (both working titles), with Water Under The Bridge (Book 1)  due out in September 2018. (I’m now under a year till release day and counting!)

Book 2 is currently with three fabulous readers and friends, which puts me in that nail-biting time of waiting to see what they think.

I’m feeling lazy because it’s the most stunning spring day and I’ve just been on a 2.5 hour walk on the Cape to Cape track on the beautiful South West coast. There are wildflowers out, glorious yellow coastal wattle everywhere… and I really do think yellow is my favourite colour in nature’s garden.


Cape to Cape track, south of Ellensbrook.

Every few metres or so along the track we heard a skittle or scuttle of a gecko or skink (I refuse to think snake)… and we saw donkey, cowslip and pink lady orchids. Plus, my lovely friend Carrie got her arse wet posing for photographs… and that always makes me smile!


Seconds after this… Carrie got her arse wet 🙂

Aside from working hard to finish The Cafe By The Bridge I’ve been reading, a few different books to my usual suspects, plus beta reading for Juanita Kees. I’ve also rediscovered two long-dormant hobbies.

The first of these is tennis. I’ve been talked into donning the tennis whites to play a Thursday game with some local girls. The last couple of Thursdays we’ve gone up the court for a hit. OMG!! Major fail! Two weeks ago I tried four serves, none of which got over the net!

I took the plunge and bought a new racquet and this week the ball seemed to come off a little better, and I got some serves over the net. Perhaps this will not be a complete disaster.

So tennis and Lily. It’s a thing. (I even found proof in the dusty trophy cabinet of the tennis club, dating back to 1992-1993! My name engraved on a plaque for ladies singles! OMG I feel old 😉 )

51FdXQ7p-OLOne of the books I read in August was The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape. The book was a Kindle Monthly Deal on Amazon which meant it cost me about $5. Really good book. If you’re interested in paying off your mortgage, saving money on things such as credit card and bank fees and private health insurance; if you’re keen to find out how much Life Insurance, TPD and Income Protection you might need, or want to know if the fees you’re paying in Superannuation are fair, middling, or over the top; or you want an intro to shares, or get a sense of how much you’ll need to fund wine purchases in your retirement… this is a great starting point. I’m convinced the Barefoot way makes good sense.

The interesting thing is, in the last week at my work (my admin work) I’ve seen two customers come in with debit cards that had ‘splurge’ written across one, and ‘direct expenses’ across another, and of course now that I’ve read the book I recognised these terms. I commented on the words on the cards, and then had a chat with these two ladies about The Barefoot Investor and the Barefoot methodology.

I like to think I’m reasonable with managing money, but it’s still good to get a practical sense that you’re doing the right thing, and you’re on the right path.

So… The Barefoot Investor brought me to my second long-ago passion, though this one isn’t really a ‘passion’ as such. Many many (many) moons ago… (although not quite so long ago as the tennis trophy), a much younger Lily dabbled in the sharemarket. She dabbled so-oooo much she got completely wrecked in the Tech Wreck… (those old enough will understand the exact Tech Wreck I mean!) I’ve never touched the sharemarket outside of super since, but now after my read of the Scott Pape book, I’m prepared to dabble again.

This will be a different sort of dabble because I’m at a different stage of life. This will be a bluechip dabble, not a speculative seat-of-my-pants dabble. This is supposed to be a middle-aged lady sort of dabble where I won’t stress myself out based on a 10 cent swing…

Tennis and the stockmarket, hey? Who knew it was a thing… hmmm… maybe I should just stick to the writing. Watching Amazon rankings is its own kind of sharemarket rollercoaster ride!

xx Lily


So very lucky to live where I live… the ocean was stunning today 🙂



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Are we there, yet?

success-2076812_1920It’s funny this writing game. One minute I’m on top of the world, the next I’m convinced if I wrote a note for the petty cash tin saying I owe it $5, not even the admin nazi would read it.

When I started trying to write a book the year my youngest child turned 1, (way back in 2010), my definition of success would have been as simple as getting that book published. Easy.

Funny what a few rejections do to that self-confidence and those goals. Fast forward a couple of years after slamming into closed doors, and my definition of success changed. In 2011 & 2012 success for me would have looked something like this:

  1. Final in a writing competition (or fingers crossed, win a competition)
  2. Have an agent or publisher request a full manuscript.

Things started to snowball. In 2011, a scene from His Brand Of Beautiful finalled in the RWA First Kiss Competition; and somewhere in 2012, I got the first request for a full manuscript.

After Harlequin offered me a Contract for His Brand Of Beautiful (as an e-book with digital-first publisher, Escape Publishing) and the book had been out long enough for my first royalty payment to come in, (we’re now talking midway through 2013), my definitions for success changed again.

To be successful, I now needed to:

  1. Earn enough from my royalties to actually buy my hubby lunch at the pub!
  2. Maybe win a reader award, like the Australian Romance Readers Association annual awards or an Aus Rom Today award; or final in a round of the Booktopia Australia’s Fave Author!!
  3. Have a print book published (not just electronic).

So, in Summer 2015-2016, I got my first book in print. It was Fairway To Heaven and it was part of a 3-book anthology called More Time For The Beach. For the first time I earned a four-figure royalty and was actually able to sock some of that cash away for a rainy day (plus buy hubby a nice lunch, and myself a bottle of bloody nice bubbles)!!

My definitions of success changed again. Now I needed to see:

  1. My own story in print – a Lily Malone title all to myself.

In September 2016, an e-book of mine with Escape Publishing (then called So Far Into You) was selected by Harlequin MIRA for print and given the new title of The Vineyard In The Hills. I had my first solo print book, you’d think all my dreams would have come true? I must be successful now, right?

No! The success goalposts moved again!

What is success to me now?


  1. To be known for contemporary fiction writing as well as rural romance, and specifically to get my manuscript ‘Ashes’ published.
  2. To publish at minimum, 2 books a year
  3. To support myself financially through my writing.
  4. To be a good friend, wife and mother, and good person while doing all this. (In other words, not turn into a raving psychotic author loony!)

That’s what success would mean to me right now (though I’m sure those goalposts will move). What about you?





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Contracts, Conversations & Cow Fairs…

About Contracts
HQN contractToday my new three-book Contract for the Chalk Hill series arrived from Harlequin head office. Book 1 of the Chalk Hill Series is Water Under The Bridge, the book I was working on at the start of this year.

Luckily for me, (and hopefully for readers), Harlequin MIRA’s editors loved Water Under The Bridge and on the strength of Book 1, they’ve signed two additional titles set in fictional Chalk Hill. Book 1 will be out in spring of 2018, with books 2 and 3 following in 2019 and 2020.

You won’t find Chalk Hill on a map. It’s the first fictional town I’ve created in my writing journey and if you did have to pin Chalk Hill on a map of West Australia, you’d aim about halfway between Manjimup and Mount Barker on the Muir highway, slightly east of Rocky Gully.

The idea for the book came after a camping trip I did with hubby and our two boys in spring last year to the Porongurups and Albany… little did my travelling companions know how much I was plotting stories at the time, as we climbed the Granite Skywalk and visited the Natural Bridge and the Blowholes, and saw whales in Lucky Bay!

In Conversation
This coming Thursday July 6,  I”m thrilled to join rural romance West Australian author, Sasha Wasley, at Dymocks bookstore in Busselton. Sasha has a new book, Dear Banjo, out now – getting rave reviews. The ‘In Conversation’ is Sasha’s gig, but I’ve got myself invited along by lovely Beth Herbert of Dymocks to gatecrash the party…

Cow Fairs
Mooooo! Saturday is the big legendary festival of my hometown of #Cowaramup. Not long ago Cowaramup won the accolade of being the ‘Legendairy capital of West Australia’ and later this year we will be judged alongside other legendary state capital finalists, to find the ‘legendairy’ capital of Australia. I’ll keep you posted!

This Saturday marks the birthday for the Cowaramup cows – the life-size herd of fibreglass cows you’ll find in and around Cowaramup’s main street and its parks… Have you visited our cows? It’s great to see the joy the cows have brought so many visitors to our town, and to see that businesses in the town are enjoying the benefits of having people stop and stay a while in the town, rather than dash through…

19149129_1913197075617446_4988892993438585655_nSaturday’s fair is called Deja-Moo – the Legendary Country Fair.

It kicks off at 9am on Saturday. Apart from a whole heap of family fun, there are many stall-holders and exhibitions. If you’re planning to come to Deja-Moo – please come and find me with my books in the Cowaramup Hall. You can check out my Cowaramup-set Butterfly House book, Who Killed The Bride?, which I always think of as: ‘Bridget Jones meets the Cowtown Cows…’

I’d love to have a chat! If I was any good at baking or craft, I’d have cow cupcakes and butterfly cookies… but I don’t have any of those (because I’m crap at baking and craft). I do, however, have lolly snakes!

xx Lily


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Introducing the West Coast Fiction Festival 2018

It’s still a long way off, but I am thrilled to let you know about a new and exciting readers’ festival coming to West Australia next year.


It’s the West Coast Fiction Festival, put together by a great group of top-selling WA authors and it’s featuring brilliant traditional-published and indie-published writers from all across the country, (and some international authors) coming under the one roof at the Rendezvous Hotel in Scarborough on November 3, 2018.

lilym_lowresAnd guess what? I will be there… just perhaps not with my pink beanie (it will be almost Summer in Perth by then and my ears would melt!)

What is really exciting is that I will have at least one new book out before the Festival, to join The Vineyard In The Hills as print paperback releases. I’ll also be there with Who Killed The Bride? From my Butterfly House series, to wow everyone with what I reckon will be the most unusual book cover in the Hotel that day! (Yes, I am biased!)

butterfly-magnetThe idea of the Festival is to bring along your own books written by the signing authors (for signatures), plus there will be new books to buy (of course); and authors to meet, greet and have a chat and photo with, if you like 🙂

You can find the list of authors at the Festival’s web page, or click here. There is also a Facebook group set up to give people information about the Festival. Join the group here. And there is also a mailing list you can join by clicking here.

Besides connecting readers with their favourite authors, and new authors, the goal of the event is to raise money for Share the Dignity – a charity which supports homeless women in Australia.

You can follow West Coast Fiction Festival on Facebook and Twitter.

For all the information, go visit and bookmark the website.

Plus there is dancing… but more about that later 🙂

I can’t wait to be part of this great initiative for fiction in Western Australia…


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It’s a Red Letter Day…

Today is one of those writerly days I’ve dreamed about for, oh, say the last six and a half years…

Today, I signed with The Nash Agency, and I finally can say I have a literary agent.


The Nash Agency is owned and operated by Haylee Nash. I was lucky enough to have something to do with Haylee when she worked for Harlequin Australia when my debut book His Brand Of Beautiful was published by Harlequin Escape.

Haylee has published some of Australia’s highest-selling books from authors such as Rachael Johns, Fiona McCallum,  Sally Hepworth and Kylie Scott, and has worked for Pan Macmillan Australia, Harlequin Enterprises Australia and Booktopia.

The Nash Agency will represent my contemporary fiction with a book called ASHES, and also my future rural and contemporary romance books, including the Chalk Hill series I’m working on now.

Thank you for your faith, Haylee! I’ll be doing everything I can to do you proud.


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Margaret River Region Open Studios April 22 – May 7

I had the huge pleasure last night to join two talented Cowaramup artists, painter Kerry Sibly and sculptor Alan Meyburgh, at the launch of Kerry and Alan’s exhibition for this year’s Open Studios.


One of Alan Meyburgh’s sculptural creations. This looked amazing lit up at night.


My connection to this clever and versatile pair is that Kerry illustrated and designed my Butterfly House ‘Who Killed The Bride book cover… plus he lives in the same street as me, and in our street we’re always up for a party. 🙂

About 80 people came along to the launch, held at Kerry and Wendy Sibly’s house. The house itself made an amazing frame for an art exhibition. At different times Kerry and Wendy’s home has been in the lens of programs such as ‘Grand Design’; and on the radars of some of Australia’s house and lifestyle magazines. It’s an incredibly special place, filled with personal traits, tricks and treats.

Kerry and Alan made a combined sculpture that they offered as a prize on their launch night. Alan sculpted the heart, and Kerry (in his words) “added the rusty barbed wire to it”.


Kerry Sibly stood on the kitchen bench to make his speech at the launch. He’s holding the sculpture he and Alan put together as a prize for launch night. Alan is pictured in the centre bottom of the screen, and the lovely lady in the background is Wendy Sibly, Kerry’s better half. PHOTO: Emily Cockburn.


We were thrilled to have the sponsorship of Stella Bella Wines and the Margaret River Dairy Company for our launch. There’s nothing like viewing art, sculpture, and books whilst enjoying classic Margaret River wine and cheese!


A sample of Kerry’s artwork above Alan’s sculptures.

The Margaret River Region Open Studios (MRROS) is now in its fourth year, involving artists of all pursuits from Busselton to Augusta who open their studio/shop/shed or workplace to visitors where people can peruse and buy artworks, but also talk to the artist and see them at work.

Over the next few weeks, I’m relocating my ‘writing room’ across to the Sibly’s house for several mornings a week, and I’d love to see you for a cuppa and perhaps to chat all things books, writing, and reading…


People are laughing… so Kerry’s speech must have been funny. PHOTO: Emily Cockburn.

If you are in or around the Margaret River region, please look for the Open Studio signs everywhere, or visit to see what’s on offer.

Kerry and Alan’s exhibition is No. 51 in the Guide. They’re open every day from 10am to 4pm, including ANZAC day.

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Happy Easter everybunny

How’s things at your house this Easter Sunday? At Chez Malone, I have two boys a little slow with that typical Easter Sunday afternoon over-indulgence of chocolate. But the Easter eggs very nearly didn’t happen at all. Hubs and I had gone to bed and he was snoring rather soundly when I sat bolt upright thinking ‘Omagawd! The eggs!’

Yes. Having specially got the kids to decorate the shoe boxes I use for Easter loot with their names and a drawing for the Easter Bunny, I forgot all about filling the shoe boxes with Easter Bunny treats.

So with much prodding at about midnight, hubby was encouraged up and into his jocks to cheerily hide tiny chocolate eggs about the garden for our traditional Sunday morning easter egg hunt, while I counted, divided (equally) and distributed the Easter Bunny eggs into the shoeboxes.

Phew. Crisis averted.

And we can then happily snooze-forward to Easter Sunday.

Hubs is in the wine industry here in Margaret River and Easter is prime-time vintage – which means he had to go to work today, while the kids and I planned Easter Sunday brunch.

Last year, I had enormous success with a German apple pancake recipe I found on the Internet. But I couldn’t find the recipe this year, so I went with Jamie Oliver’s German apple pancake instead.

Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 11.07.10 AM


I don’t know what I did wrong but it tasted terrible. Even dollops of whipped cream couldn’t help us eat it. My Facebook friends are bringing me to believe that I put the ingredients in the blender in the wrong order. I should have started with the liquid ingredients then added the dry… but I just did my normal and bunged the whole lot in and pressed ‘blend’.

To make matters worse, right at the end I tried to sprinkle a little nutmeg over the apples… and the nutmeg lid flew off which meant a whole heap more nutmeg than I’d planned landed on my apples.

I tell you, baking is never dull in my house!

Whatever you’re up to this Easter, I hope you have fun with family and friends, or just to take time out doing what you like to do.

Me? I’m crossing fingers that I’ll have big bookish news for the blog this week. There, I’ve said it. Hope I haven’t jinxed myself!

xx Lily


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