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Note: Fairway To Heaven was self-published by the author in January 2014. Late in 2014, Escape Publishing accepted Fairway for publishing with the Escape stable, and the book will be re-released in 2015. At 18/9/2014, Fairway had 23 reviews on, with an average rating of 4.3 stars.
5 stars. Georgina Penney – Published on
Perfect Holiday Read 
Amazon Verified Purchase
I have to confess, I didn’t just happen upon this book on Amazon, I was given it by a friend who suggested I’d like it and like it I did. This was an absolute find. I laughed so hard at one point in time I ended up pouring tea on myself.
So what’s it about? Well essentially it’s a friends to lovers story, one of my favorite tropes. The lead characters had me laughing and crying. I really, really love a realistic male lead who had a few (although, let’s face it… not insurmountable) imperfections and the leading lady was simply brilliant. I’ve also got a huge soft spot for the addition of a kid into the plot. It’s often hard to manage and Malone does it well.
What’s not to like? Well, if you’re someone who is looking for a novel that’s completely escapist, this might not be for you. It’s more a down to earth story. Also, if you’re looking for something set in the States and that’s that, you’re gonna have problems. Personally, I loved the location, the characters and the voice. Australia, particularly Western Australia is such an wonderful location and Ms. Malone manages setting wonderfully, making you feel like you’re right there and leaving you a little bereft at the last page.
I went out and bought all of her other books after reading this one. It’s rare that I find an author that really makes me sit up and feel that “new book” excitement but Lily Malone did it for me.
5 stars. Rhyll Biest – Published on
Fairway to Fun! 
I loved this book so hard!
But first things first, don’t worry if you’re not a fan of golf, because golf only gets a minor mention in the story overall. The story focuses much more on the relationship between Brayden and Jenn.
After Jenn catches her no-good golf pro hubby in a compromising situation with a student, she takes her young son and herself to a beach house to do some thinking. Friend and former crush Brayden happens to be there at the same time, for even more tragic reasons (which I won’t reveal here) and mutual interest sparks between them. However, Jenn’s not sure what the best thing to do for her son is (i.e. return to Jack or leave him) and other things also come between them.
I loved this story because it’s full of humour, and because it’s so very believable, with realistic situations and characters. Readers will love Brayden, who’s certainly not perfect but has some of the best qualities a man can have (and I’m not talking about his skills in bed). This is a sweet story rather than being full of chandelier-swinging sex, and you’ll definitely feel for both hero and heroine as they experience their highs and lows.
5 stars. Kylie Kaden.
Non-golfers, don’t be disheartened 10 January 2014
This is the third release from Lily Malone. And they just keep getting better. Those fresh, neat similes, unique descriptive ways and likeable, authentic characters… I don’t read a lot in the romance genre, but love every word of this one. Yes, there is a golf theme, but don’t worry non-golfers. Golf may be in the first scene (err…and a final one) but the middle is a melding of vividly drawn characters, fresh succinct descriptions, and a heart-warming story of love, motherhood, and friendship – not to mention getting your mojo back after finding yourself down-and-out-in-the-rough with an unplayable ball. Best of all, Fairway to Heaven is set (no, not on a golf course), but in a charming beach cottage you’ll want to have in your life, just as much as the man who inhabits it. It’s Golf. But not as you know it. If you haven’t experienced Lily’s writing yet – what are you waiting for?

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