Are you interested in what people are saying about His Brand Of Beautiful? These reviews and comments might help!978085799030311.jpg

5 stars from author of White Ginger, Susanne Bellamy

4 1/2 stars from Harlequin Junkie

5 stars from author of The Virginity Mission Cate Ellink

4 stars from TomeTender

“Love the YouTube clip and wow – what a cover! Must be awesome getting reviewed like that and getting such a glamorous image attached to your book. You’ll be happy to know I read the first few sample pages on the Escape Publishing site and as I simply had to read more, I downloaded it via the ibookstore. I’m a little concerned that I’ve had to use the work IPAD to download and may raise a few questions about why I felt the need to purchase such a book. I guess I can just say I’m researching ebook technology… which I am of course! Now I’m simply dying to know what develops between Tate and Christina. I haven’t read a book from start to finish in years but this is one I intend to finish. Might take me a while but I’m going to find time to get through all the pages I promise!” Elizabeth.

If these reviews whet your appetite, please check out more on the book, including buy links at escape publishing.


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