I have been thrilled with early feedback for The Goodbye Ride. (And I so love the cover. I have to put it everywhere!)

Cover design by Wendy Johnston of Bright Eyed Owl.

Cover design by Wendy Johnston of Bright Eyed Owl.

Here’s some of the early comments:

If you’re looking for a short read in which the spice enhances the romantic and dramatic elements (rather than overpowers it), you won’t go wrong with The Goodbye Ride. 4 stars from book blogger Monique Mulligan 

The Goodbye Ride definitely gave me more than I expected – it’s a cute romance with an exploration of some deeper issues underneath the surface. 4 stars from Enthusiast and blogger Bree Testa

I loved this book! I would normally never start a review with that, however, that is how I feel about talented Australian writer Lily Malone’sThe Goodbye Ride. 4 stars from blogger and Beta Reader, Musing Maddie

I loved Lily Malone’s first book (His Brand Of Beautiful) and gleefully grabbed her novella as soon as it was released. It’s another lovely story. 5 stars from author Susanne Bellamy.

5 stars from Prolific Goodreads reader, Brenda:

5 stars from Juanita Kees, editor and author with Escape Publishing:

4 stars from Sandra O’Grady

If these whet your appetite, please find out more about the book including buy links, exclusively at Amazon for Kindle.

Lily Malone Promo pic


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