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After 10 days in South Australia catching up with friends, food and wine, we’re back in West Australia and life returns to normal. Well, as close to normal as my life ever gets.

It’s been hard to get back into writing again – I’d been going so hard on edits for Fairway To Heaven before we flew interstate – but good author friends are helping me find my writing mojo.

Very quickly, I wanted to talk about three books I read while on holiday. The first two are published by Escape Publishing (my publisher of His Brand Of Beautiful). These were Hearts on Hold by Gracie Macgregor and Hindsight by Sarah Belle.

Both these books were lovely. Hindsight really captured my attention. It is the first chic-lit book I’ve read in a very long time. From the minute Sarah Belle began, I loved her voice, and I loved her story about a dedicated career woman forced to make choices between business and family.

This is a paragraph I highlighted on my Kindle from Hindsight:9689

The smell of oldness is released upon opening the envelope; the musty smell of time that sits in the back of your throat, stains my fingers. I unfold the letter, and the perfect penmanship of yesteryear is revealed in neat rows of cursive script, slanting to the right in black ink. My heart races and a slight tremble overtakes me as it sits in my hands, willing me to read it. Suddenly, all strength escapes me and I move to fold it up and bury it back in the drawer, deeper this time so that its cries won’t be heard quite so loudly. But what would be the use of that? It will still be there, hanging over me like a noose.

How amazing is that?

Hearts On Hold is a beautiful story too. Lots of suspense, and given I like the archeological/mythical scenario (it takes me back to my early Indiana Jones crush), there was lots in the Maltese island of Gozo to keep me entertained. This book also has an absolutely be-jizzling sex scene slap bang in the middle that made me want these two to get over their various hang-ups and jump back in the sack!

And Alison Stuart’s Gather The Bones. What can I say on this one? Wow. Wow. Wow. I am not even halfway through, but I am completely hooked. I remember reading one of this author’s blog posts about how she mixes genre, and the pros and cons of this for an author. Gather The Bones is historical, with a paranormal twist, and it’s absolutely stunning.

Holidays brought back one of the great strengths and advantages of a Kindle – the ease of transporting multiple titles without breaking my luggage allowance. Unfortunately, with two children, I didn’t do much reading on the plane. But I made up for it on dry land, in between a game of golf (for research purposes on Fairway To Heaven you understand) and multiple glasses of wine!

Whatever you’re reading right now, I hope you’re enjoying it.

As for me? I’m back to the edit cave!

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The Horse Is Dead… No More Flogging

For weeks now I have been trying to get excited about what would be my third manuscript. It’s actually the first MS I ever wrote, and for almost three years now, it’s been stuck in a folder called Story 1: Fringe Benefits.

I began it as a reunion romance and it spanned the two regions that I’ve called home in the last 40 years. It started in the vineyards at Margaret River and it ends in the vineyards of South Australia. It was to be a love story between, Seth, CEO and big kahuna boss of a bunch of vineyards and wineries across West Australia; and Quin, originally Seth’s employee. After Quin makes a monumental stuff-up… she gets fired for negligence and with her career in tatters, heads interstate. Seven years later, Seth’s company acquires the winery in South Australia to which Quin sells her grapes, and the two are thrown back together.

So there you have the first plotline I ever came up with, (except when I rewrote Bambi when I was 8).

The book has a jealous co-worker, a meddling mother, boss/employee, and an ‘engagement of convenience’… In fact, just about every trope you can think of minus ‘Secret Baby’…

I did get to typing ‘The End’ on this book and submitting it, and it was rejected quick smart, by both agents and publishers. I left it behind and went on a steep ‘craft’ learning curve on the way to writing His Brand Of Beautiful and The Goodbye Ride. Not only have I enjoyed success with both of those, I loved (LOVED) writing them. They didn’t come easy — no book comes easy. But I was always interested and motivated to work, work, work on both of those stories and make them as good as I could.

Sometimes I think ‘Fringe Benefits’ suffered from being the first book. I was writing something that I ‘thought’ would get published. The voice was all wrong and I knew nothing about craft and it shows.

I have wasted about two months, possibly three, trying to save the 55,000 odd words that I had for Fringe Benefits. I changed scenes. I deleted scenes. I rewrote scenes. I changed point of view and tense. It was third person point of view, past tense. My latest rewrite shifted to first person & present tense. I even changed the dud title, without settling on a new one in my mind. Not even the title came naturally.

But really, truly, I think the reason I’ve been procrastinating my butt off; changing it, deleting it, messing with it… it’s because the story stinks.

I read a brilliant post by Alison Stuart this week about what happens when a writer finds “the black moment”. Alison talked about trying to make her book (a square peg) fit the proverbial round hole. She talks about what happened when she realised her book was at the point of Mount Doom (it helps to read her post if you’re a Lord Of The Rings fan – but it’s not hard to get the gist).

I read Alison’s post and I thought: “This is me.” I had the ring on my finger, I had pulled it off and was holding it out over the lava pit of Mount Doom… but I couldn’t give it up. No matter how much my inner Sam pleaded with me: “Let it go…”

Last night, I let Fringe Benefits go. I’m not flogging a dead horse a minute longer.

I have a great little idea that I wrote for the RWA ‘Sapphires’ Little Gem competition this year. I had fun writing the story (3000 words), and I’ve been thinking about how to work with that story. It was called Fairway To Heaven and the ‘Sapphires’ related to a brand of golf clubs. Cobra Sapphires. I even like the working title!

So that’s where I’m turning my attention and if I’m not quite blogging so much in the next few months, hopefully it’s because I’m head down/bum up in a new story. Wish me luck!

In the words of Alison Stuart, I’m going back to Hobbiton to start my quest anew!