A Country Vet Christmas – new book

Here’s a project I’m excited to tell you about. With four other authors, I’m involved in a collaborative effort to produce a Christmas-themed, vet-themed, all-new-story book that will be available everywhere in October!

It’s called A Country Vet Christmas, and it’s the brainchild of the very awesome, Penelope Janu. Pen pitched the idea to our publisher, Harper Collins, of combining five rural romance bestselling authors into one bumper of a book, because we’re all friends, and we’ve all written books that feature a vet character and animal-loving themes.

My story in the anthology is a return to my much-loved fictional country town, Chalk Hill. Izzy (from The Vet’s Country Holiday) is heading off on maternity leave, and the heroine in my novella is Izzy’s locum.

It’s called: A Country Music Christmas.
Here’s the blurb:

Country music star, Jolene June Carter, has been singing since she could talk. By night Jolene is half of the hugely successful ‘Ozzy Dolly Show,’ a Dolly Parton-inspired tribute act in Queensland’s Southern Downs. By day she works in a vet practice in Warwick.

When a vicious rumour links her with an affair with the Mayor, Jolene has never been more relieved that she has veterinary skills as a career back-up plan. She escapes to the opposite side of Australia to be the locum at the vet clinic in small-town Chalk Hill.

Staying incognito until the scandal fades, Jo’s plan works perfectly until she meets Rueben Manning, the son of the local postmistress—a huge country music fan who threatens to foil her brilliant disguise.

Fighting his own demons, Rueben only ever intended to be in town long enough to help his family deal with the pre-Christmas parcel rush. Finding a country music star undercover in Chalk Hill is enough to make him want to stick around. It may also be inspiration enough to make him reach for the mandolin he hasn’t touched since his best friend’s accident.

Jolene has spent most of her life trying to outrun the reputation of the woman in Dolly Parton’s iconic song. But if she keeps running this Christmas, will she lose her chance for love?

Pre-orders are open now:






This book will also be out in print at all your favourite bookstores and department stores from October 4.

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Joining the team at Australian Rural Romance

Wonderful news this week to be invited to join a wonderful team of rural romance authors at the dedicated website for rural romance fans, Australian Rural Romance.

There’s a great team behind ARR, and I’m very pleased to call them all friends. Many of the names already at ARR are known to me, but some are new authors and I’m looking forward to reading their books.

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