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More Bat Fun

I wrote about my short story, Tar Pit Triage, a few weeks ago when it got accepted into an American anthology called Coming Together: Strange Shifters.Strange Shifters
I was a bit tongue in cheek about it, and I’m still tongue in cheek because:
  • I can’t quite believe I wrote the story for it and
  • I can’t quite believe it got selected…
  • I can’t quite believe that apparently there is enough interest and involvement in this anthology in the US that it may well find its way into print as well as e-book…

Meanwhile, behind the scenes in September/October the anthology has been ticking along. My contribution has been through edits, and it now has a cover. Check out this puppy… (or would that be werebear/werewolf/werepuppy?)

All proceeds from the anthology go to Bat World Sanctuary to save the bats! So that’s kind of fun 

The anthology is the brainchild of Lynn Townsend – more about Lynn here:
So. Which good deed have you been doing lately? Saving any bats, anyone? 🙂


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I’m Bat Girl, or maybe I’m Bat Fan

One of the brilliant things about being involved in a writing group is they challenge you to write stuff that is out of your comfort zone… I love being part of the Naughty Ninjas for just this reason, but it’s also kinda scary because… you know… they’re a bit naughty. (They do nudie runs at romance conferences and have been known to hand out penis lollipops at book signings… that kind of thing. When this happens, I tend to make sure I’m rearranging books on a shelf somewhere, all innocent-like).

Anyhoo, earlier this year Rhyll (The Lady Biest) posted in our Ninja Facebook Group about a call for submissions to an American anthology called Strange Shifters. In romance writing (for the uninitiated) there is a sub-genre called Paranormal (all the vampires, ghosts and angel/demon stuff); and I guess Shifter romance is a sub-sub-genre of Paranormal. Shifter is the ‘hero or heroine can morph between human and werewolf/bear/wolf/leopard…’ That type of thing.

I’d been watching a lot of Ice-Age movies at the time thanks to Mr 5 and Mr 7, and for some reason, I got inspired by Diego, the Saber-Tooth Cat in the movie franchise. And Diego inspired my saber-tooth-cat story. (Minus the smut because Diego wouldn’t do that…)

I found out yesterday that my 3000-word story, Tar Pit Triage, made the cut and will be part of the Anthology: Coming Together: Strange Shifters.

The beneficiary of my flash of Shifter creativity won’t be me. Any royalties earned by the anthology go to the Bat World Sanctuary! (Yep, this story gets battier). header-smallComing Together supports Smut for Charities, and the charity for this collection is the Bat World Sanctuary. ( The editor, Lynn Townsend, said she chose this particular charity simply because “she loves bats.”

Lynn says: “Bat World Sanctuary cares for injured bats and homes ones that cannot return to the wild, as well as helping to spread awareness, prevent deforestation, and other bat-saving efforts.” Adding to all the complete weirdness of this story so far, Coming Together: Strange Shifters, with Tar Pit Triage inside is due out on Halloween! pic7

How cool is that?

Sometimes it’s fun to step out of the contemporary romance comfort zone, and now I get the super ninja kick-ass feeling of being Bat Girl. Or maybe it’s the warm and fuzzy feeling that I’m a bat fan.

Or I’m just completely batty, but you knew that 🙂