Happy Christmas to you

balls-15415_1280As Christmas goes, I’m kind of organised this year. Most of the presents are wrapped with a few more to do tonight. Usually I leave everything to Christmas Eve but tonight, I want to have a glass of bubbles and watch Frozen. Living in an all-male house, I feel like I’ve missed out on Frozen. I may even sing Let It Go loud enough to scare away Santa.

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas, I hope it is a happy time for you.



Cooking Christmas in the New House

I’m on holidays! I have three days off this week making a whole week off work with the public holidays. Yee-ha! I love being on holiday. I’m very good at being on holiday. Especially when there is cricket to watch, wine to drink and a comfy chair, beach or couch to relax on.
Bring it on!XmasAtLilys_FB_1
Christmas this year is our first one in the new house. My mum, sister and her family are all coming for Christmas lunch. There will be champagne, pork, ham and yummy salads and I’m making icecream cake. Because: icecream cake!
But it’s been a very strange lead-up to Christmas in Chez Malone. First: the entire family have been sick in the last week with colds and hubby this morning has seen the doc and his ‘man-flu’ has graduated to pneumonia! So he’s on penicillin to try to knock it on the head. We have been the house of snotty noses, high temperatures and barking coughs long into the night.
I did my Christmas shopping early and I thought I had it all under control, but then last night I was wrapping away and I have come to think that I’ve short-changed one son on his santa list compared with the other… so I’m not quite finished, I just have a little bit more to do.
Also, I need more wrapping paper. How smart are kids these days? I’ve been very careful to wrap the ‘Santa’ presents in different wrapping paper to those for the family…
I have two Secret Santa presents to buy for a Christmas Eve party near where I live.

For my mum, I bought two bookish presents: Thornwood House by Anna Romer and Still Alice by Lisa Genova. Hubs got the first two seasons of Breaking Bad which we’ve been meaning to watch for a long time and have never got around to.

As for me? I am getting a bike!
This is very exciting. It’s a loooonnnggg time since I’ve ridden a bike. I usually walk everywhere close, including to work, and for exercise. Now that my boys are bike riding without training wheels and can be reasonably reliably relied upon not to crash, I need something faster than feet to keep up with them. I hope the bike arrives before Christmas 🙂
It’s such an expensive time of year, Christmas. In all the commercialism, I plan to enjoy the holiday and the time with loved ones. I cannot believe the disasters that finished 2014: Sydney Seige, Cairns, Pakistan… all the terrorist hotspots in the world, Ebola, and ongoing atrocities – I think the world will breathe a sigh of relief to see 2014 disappear and may well hope for brightness in 2015. I wish I had confidence that the brightness will come… but everything is so incredibly F***ed Up… I don’t know which way peace lies.
Hopefully it’s inside everyone, somewhere, and responses like #IllRideWithYou might lead the way.
So for Christmas I wish you a happy time with your loved ones and friends, doing those things you love best. And for the new year I wish you peace and tolerance, and all the simple things.