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Early Review Copy Of The Goodbye Ride, anyone?

I have heard from two of my critique partners’ about my novella The Goodbye Ride, and I’m waiting on the third set of comments from Musing Maddie (who by the way, is soon to start her own proof reading and beta reading service for authors, Making Manuscripts. Check her out on Facebook.)

Cover design by Wendy Johnston of Bright Eyed Owl.
Cover design by Wendy Johnston of Bright Eyed Owl.

Here’s what they’ve said to date:

“This is a really heartwarming story, I enjoyed it. It is spiced with apt
new phrases and a wryly ironic narrator.” Comment 1.

“Well I enjoyed it. I loved from the love scene to the end the best. I was
flicking ahead wanting to see what happened then and I only do that in good books.” Comment 2.

“I have to say, I really do love this story. I love how you have fleshed it out thus far too. Really good! I’m right at the start of the weekend at the vineyard…” Comment 3.


As for me? I would want to read The Goodbye Ride based on its gorgeous cover alone!

Would you like an early sneak peek of The Goodbye Ride? And would you be prepared to give the novella your honest review on Amazon and Goodreads when it launches later this month?

If so, please let me know! You can catch me in the comments below, or by email: lilymalone @