Heroes as chocolate

If you happened by yesterday’s post, it won’t surprise you that I’ve been thinking about how to describe my hero as chocolate…

Last night was perfect for research. Thursday night is movie night in our house (The Guard – an Irish flick – really good movie BTW); and just to digress a moment. Here’s a reason why I love my husband. We’re in a program called QuickFlix which is a mail-order DVD service. At any given time we usually have two DVDs in the house. Some time yesterday I said to him, what DVDs do we have tonight? and he said: The Guard and Puss In Boots. The Guard is about drug dealers in south-west Ireland and a copper who’s about as anti-hero as you could possibly get. It’s a really great movie. But that v Puss In Boots? How cute is it to be married to a man who has Puss In Boots in his movie queue? (Maybe I better check it’s not an x-rated Puss…)

Anyway about the chocolate and research. We had a box of Cadbury’s Roses to scoff during the movie…

The words I most use to describe my hero are: tall, rangy, that he has tawny hair, and if I relate him to an animal it’s usually to a lion. (Lion-tawny; lion-quick).

My favorite chocolate bars would be Flakes and Cherry Ripes. But a tall skinny bar of chocolate didn’t feel right. With more ‘Roses’ research, I decided anything with a soft-centre was out, because Tate isn’t soft-centred.

He’s very simple & straight-forward. Definitely non-fussy. Which put Picnic bars out of the picture. Maybe a Crunchie? Honey-comb might be moving on the right track.

In the box of Roses (which we usually keep in the fridge) one of the choices is caramel centered. From the fridge it’s usually hard as a rock and so then I got a little x-rated along the lines of: Cadbury Roses caramel — you have to warm it in your mouth to make it melt.

And then in the end I think I got it. Dark cooking chocolate. And the reason is, one of the things Tate loves about my heroine Christina is “her buttery voice”. And when you melt butter and chocolate together, I figure you’re on your way to delicious things.

How would you describe your hero as chocolate?