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How has your start to 2016 been? I have to keep reminding myself every time I write the date that we’re in a new year. But that’s pretty normal for me, it took me until about August last year to stop writing 2014 on everything.

Last weekend we were in Fremantle with the kids. We went to the Erth’s Dinosaur Exhibition at the WA Museum and I’d tell you, if you have junior palaeontologists in your house and this exhibition visits a city or town near you – take them! It was great. This is the second time Mr 6 has seen the exhibition, and the first for Mr 8. They both enjoyed it a lot.

5884_521924201195703_1778355084_nWe went to the WA Maritime Museum at Freo, which is a great modern exhibition and really worth the entry fee. Australia II is there, winged keel and all. There are tours of a submarine that you can do but you need to book. We missed the tour, but it’s something to do another time.

This holiday we used AirBnB for the accommodation. Have you heard about AirBnB? It’s a great way of finding (usually shared) accommodation. If you don’t mind being on a property where you might cross paths with your host from time to time, then it’s a great way to (usually) save some money on accommodation and often you can cater for yourselves a little more than normal – which can save on meals and eating out.

This is Christine’s, where we stayed in Freo. We’d highly recommend it and Christine was lovely.

We also visited Adventure World where our family mastered the new ride there, the Kraken!  Lots of fun – we’ll be going back there a few times over the years I’m sure!

The only sad thing about our holiday was it coincided with the desolation of fires at Waroona, Yarloop and Harvey last weekend. We had to detour around the fire zones (which closed both the Forest Highway and South West Highway) to get to Perth and we could see the smoke for the entire 5 hour journey. Coming home, they opened the Forest Highway that morning and we drove through blackened trees where there wasn’t a leaf to be seen and the ground had burned everything down to nothing but sand. Some power poles were burned through which left power lines hanging in the air.

Barefoot BooksSo sad. I have an Aunt at Coolup where we used to spend every Christmas Day from the time I was probably 5, through to being about 25, minus the years I was overseas. We’ve driven through Yarloop, with all its sleepy timber history. There have often been times my hubs has wanted to stop to check out some of the antiques and other shops and we always said: “we’ll do it another time…” Now I guess, there won’t be another time. I don’t think they’ll rebuild the town and even if they did, you can’t rebuild history.

In Busselton on the way home, we saw this great sign outside Barefoot Books in Fig Tree Lane. The bottom book on the list is MORE TIME AT THE BEACH, the print book which includes my story FAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. Barefoot Books sold out before Christmas so it’s nice to know they have more in stock.

Finally, on Friday night I got news that my newest book SO FAR INTO YOU is a finalist in the 2015 Australian Romance Readers Association annual awards for Best Contemporary Romance. This is a big deal! It’s also on the back of a Booktopi2015 ARRA finalista Australia’s Favourite Author nomination earlier in the week. I didn’t get through the Booktopia heats and I’m in a very hot category in the ARRA awards, but it’s very nice to be on a ‘list’… So I’m stoked. I get to use this cute graphic on the left for a while!

Meanwhile, Fairway To Heaven (ebook) is Kindle Monthly Deal at Amazon Australia for January. This means it is 99c for Australian readers, all month and it’s doing well on the charts, reaching No 13 during the week and No 3 in Contemporary. If you have a Kindle and you haven’t read it yet, maybe this is the time to risk it! One click it at Amazon Australia here. If your account is with Amazon US, click here.Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 3.21.01 PM

I had a lovely 5-star review for Fairway from Kirsty Wenn who said “I didn’t want this book to end.” That’s always nice! I had a less than lovely 2-star review from a reader who said “Nice story but very boring”… so, it just goes to show in this writing business you have to roll with the punches and enjoy the good times when they come!

On that very zen note, I’ll leave you to your weekend!





After-holiday glow

Well we’re back home after two weeks in the beautiful sun at Noosa.

Almost 5000km we’ve clocked up with two kids under 5, and not a DVD on the player for the entire trip. Honestly those kids were brilliant company to travel with, and to think we’d been worried about it and everyone we told about the trip gave us that sympathetic look the second we said we were driving… seriously, driving?

Our eldest son took it on himself to be our sign reader, explaining every sign along the way and there were some beauties. For example: slippery, skiddy road. (This is the one with the car and the squiggly lines for wet/icy roads). “This way, This way” for any directional arrow he saw and “don’t play on the roads” for any picture of a mum holding a child’s hand. There was also “fully steep hill” for the sign telling trucks to slow down on descents.

He’d sound beautiful on a GPS… we should patent him.

The youngest son is in a ‘poo’ phase whereby he’ll shout something out followed by the word poo. The most common was: Jibber Jabber POO. And Yo Gabba Gabba POO!!!!

All the way north the weather felt warmer until by Tamworth we were pulling off jackets and I ditched my gloves and beanie (tho it was darn cold overnight). And Noosa was about 23-24 all the time we were there. Ferry trips; beach visits; a trip to Australia Zoo.

No rain the entire time until yesterday around about Tailem Bend on the last 100km leg. Twelve degrees at home; cloudy today and they must have had frosts here because heaps of my plants are burnt.

For the first time in about 18 months I managed to put all things books and writing in the background (pretty much) and it was only yesterday that it started poking around my head again, which is good. I had a couple of small but good ideas on the drive and I’ll go add them in while they’re fresh. Then no more procrastination, if I’m serious about ever getting published I’m in my ‘window of opportunity’ at the moment and so the back half of August will be back on the query train.