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Counting Down The Days – Fairway Drives The Green!

NewFinalFair#2My new book, Fairway To Heaven releases on January 8.

You can pre-order it now at Smashwords (lots of formats available) and it’s available on Amazon for Kindle.

So now I have more butterflies flying around in my stomach than there are in the Amazon (the jungle, not the bookstore). Ali Elle Morris asked me this week whether I was nervous about the release. At the time, I don’t think I was. Now, that it’s all that bit closer, I’m re-considering that comment. Truth is, I’m more nervous than a groom on his wedding day, when he discovers he’d rather bonk the bridesmaid.

It’s been a busy week, and next week gets even crazier. Here’s where you can catch me. I’m on quite a Lily-pad hop to talk about Fairway. (Well, it’s quite a Lily-pad hop for this shy, retiring little author and her pink beanie).

Ali Elle Morris is a travelling willow-the-wisp… she taunts me on Facebook with travelling blogs and she’s currently in England, or Ireland, drinking Guinness, no doubt in the snow. I spent some time on her blog this week to talk about self publishing, traditional publishing and the decisions I’ve made so far in my writing career.

In fact, I spent so much time on the first part of Ali Elle’s question, I didn’t even get to mention Fairway To Heaven, so she very kindly asked me back to continue a part 2.

You can read them both here: Part 1 & Part 2. 

Then Elizabeth Ellen Carter gave me pole position on her incredibly classy purple couch. I’ve been dying to sit

Lily Malone
Lily Malone

on this couch for a year, (although I was a little worried the colour would clash with my beanie) and now I have my chance. I decided to talk to EE Carter about my mother. Because that’s what a good girl does when she’s invited to sit on a purple couch. (See the post here – it includes an exclusive excerpt).

So, to this crazy week ahead:

I’m in the limelight and the spotlight, I’m doing a Quintette and a Hunky Hero, and then a very tried and true blog at Just Contemporary Romance. And then we top everything off on Saturday with the Golf Bunker Blog Hop, where 18 authors all talk about sport. Or not. In fact, some talk about how much they absolutely abhor sport. I refuse to hold this against them. They’re still all good sorts. (And great writers).

(I’ll include all the links to the posts as they come live!)

January 7 – Author Limelight with Sarah Belle

January 8 – Romance Writers Of Australia spotlight (with a giveaway)

January 8 – Release Day with Australia Romance Readers Association (and a giveaway)

January 9 – Meet Brayden Culhane at Kendall Talbott’s Hunky Heroes blog.

January 10 – Quintette of Questions with Narrelle Harris (I get asked about the song that always brings tears to my eyes)

January 11 – Just Contemporary Romance – guest post. (And a giveaway)

January 11 – 13 – The Sand Bunker Blog Hop begins. Don’t miss this. You’ll actually get the opportunity to win great stuff, including chocolates and a copy of The Yearning, plus lots of e-books!

And finally, with Fairway To Heaven just three measly teeny tiny days away. This is the other thing I’ve been doing, making movies. Please enjoy a sneak peak at my book trailer for Fairway.

And if you’re really enthused, if you visit the ‘My Books’ page of this website, you can read the First Chapter of Fairway To Heaven and let me know what you think. (Just a quick word of warning about Adult Content, 18+.)

Thank you blog friends for following me through the birth of Fairway To Heaven. I’m very (VERY) proud of this book, but I’m also incredibly nervous about how it will be received in the great big golf course upon which she is about to roll.