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Jennifer Weiner, Liz Fielding… AND Lily Malone!!!

What an amazing 24 hours it’s been!

The Goodbye Ride (my new contemporary romance novella that released today) is on Day 1 of its Release ‘Free’ promotion. This 24 hours has been beyond my wildest dreams… (and my dreams get pretty wild).

Here are my stats:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #610 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

502 people (including myself *blush*) have downloaded the book in the first 22 hours of my ‘free’ promotion. I don’t expect that to hold as I don’t know that many people (or I didn’t think I knew that many people) and I am absolutely thrilled with that. 🙂
I looked at where my book sits on one of those lists today (either the women’s fiction or the contemporary fiction), and the two authors before me were Jennifer Weiner and Liz Fielding… then good old Lily Malone!
That felt pretty special!
I want to thank with the biggest hugs you can imagine, the support cast that is Romance Writers’ Australia and its members who have all helped to share news of my free promo, and three very special book bloggers/reviewers (Monique, Marcia & Bree) who have reviewed, tweeted, blogged etc. I can’t thank you all enough.
And to you – for taking some of your precious time to download my book and hopefully to read it in the not too distant future: I hope you enjoy it and thanks for taking a chance on The Goodbye Ride.
Lily Malone Promo pic
Take advantage of the FREE promotion by clicking here.
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The Goodbye Ride – Free – Release Day

My new novella, The Goodbye Ride, is free for Kindle at Amazon to celebrate its launch today.

I’m doing a mini blog hop – a Lily Pad hop if you like. 🙂

Thanks to Australian Romance Readers Association for hosting my new release today. http://australianromancereaders.wordpress.com/2013/05/23/release-day-the-goodbye-ride/

You can catch me at Jennie Jones Country Door tomorrow (Friday) and over the weekend. Amazing that Jennie had any time to spare with visitors as her new release House On Burra Burra Lane comes out on June 1. http://www.jenniejonesromance.com/jjromance-blog.html

Lilliana Anderson and Laylah Jade (Luscious Laylah Release Day) are also hosting The Goodbye Ride in its release week.

And look!!!! SQUEEEE moment!

The Goodbye Ride: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #677 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

Lily Malone Promo pic
Promo image by Lilliana Anderson, author of new release, Alter! Thanks Lilliana!

A few words about the book:

Olivia and Owen both want the same thing: the collector’s item 650 Ducati Pantah motorbike that once belonged to Liv’s brother, and now sits on a front lawn in Liv’s hometown with a For Sale sign at its tyre.

The Goodbye Ride is a story about a boy with a secret, a bike with a past, and what two people can get up to on a birthday weekend (The Queen’s birthday, no less).

Its first review:

“The Goodbye Ride is a novella and the romance takes place over 5 days – so it’s quick … and beautiful.

Lily Malone has some fantastic lines in this novella – my particular favourites were one about a penguin, another about firemen. The writing is smooth, full of the beauty of the South Australian wine growing region, a joy to read.

If you’re looking for a sweet romance, where you can laugh and maybe shed a tear, then this is a great one.” — Cate Ellink (Goodreads review 5 stars)

Free books are a great way to try new authors. Please download, tell your friends, share the love. If you enjoy the book please consider giving it some ‘star love’ on Amazon and Goodreads or any other blogs/sites that you follow. Whether you loved it, or it wasn’t quite for you, I’d love to hear why.

Please drop me a line at lilymalone@mail.com

Thank you!!

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Release Day! How Lucky Am I?

March 1, 2013.


No – nothing to do with R Patz.

It’s Release Day for me, my debut novel His Brand Of Beautiful officially launched into cyberspace today.

So has my world changed? No. It was a day that began like any other since the end of January. (I’m still gatecrashing at my sister’s place until next week).

My youngest son announced a chirpy Good Morning before 6am (eek!); and then it was all systems go. Breakfast for two boys, school for one. We had a chook escapade on the property today which required all hands on deck to round-up 14 hens and a rooster all hell-bent on escaping their coop. My eldest son is fascinated by all things chooks and I have a horrible sneaky suspicion that he may have been the little blighter that lifted the latch on their pen… (In his defence, I would add he has denied this vehemently).

Between school drop off at 9, and work that started at 10, I managed to duck upstairs to my borrowed (sister’s) computer and check Facebook… Lo and behold, I’m not the only person on the planet releasing a book today! Jenn McLeod has House For All Seasons out, and Juanita Kees has Under The Hood. There are Facebook events and invitations and emails and comments and likes and shares and… it’s like having a birthday, Christmas and a baby all in one. Something like that. Lots and lots of congratulations and good wishes. It’s invigorating!

So – some other interesting things about today. I’ve had heaps of views and visits to my website, certainly far more than normal. My visitor stats have passed the 2000 mark. I’m laying some of the kudos for this at the feet of The Age newspaper, and the Brisbane Times, who have both had articles about romance writing and romance reading on their online entertainment pages, and thanks to whatever lucky stars are flying around and looking out for me today, they have picked the His Brand Of Beautiful cover as an illustration for the story. Talk about wonderful publicity!

So tonight? I think it will be champagne… with oven-grilled fish (Birdseye variety), zucchini bake (my variety) and chips (probably McCain variety)… because this is a busy house and it’s a Friday and all of us (my sister and me) will be thinking: bugger cooking!

Happy Long Weekend (Labour day here in West Australia) and happy release day to all authors with a new book for release today. See AUTHOR!! It’s official – now I can say it!

And if you fancy a long weekend with a book called His Brand Of Beautiful: about a woman on a mission and a man who wants nothing to do with her (until he wants everything to do with her); and a book with truckloads of Aussie scenery and boatloads of Aussie wine… click here!