Robert Pattinson goes Outback

It was even bigger news in South Australia than Kirsten Stewart snogging her director and breaking R Pat’s heart… that he’s filming a movie in South Oz in January next year called The Rover.

Well I’m excited. I wasn’t writing when the Kidman/Jackman Australia movie hit the screens. I know Tourism Australia planned huge promotions around that and I’m sure they’ll piggyback on the R-Pat back too if they can.

I keep reading that rural romance is doing really well in Australia right now and hopefully for those writing rural themes, there may also be a kick to come from this movie, especially from an international audience (and maybe international agents/publishers)… she says fingers crossed 🙂

I don’t write rural romance in the sheep-shearing/cattle station sense, but my current book does have big sections which occur in outback South Australia, the Flinders Ranges and north of there, The Ghan railway track region and then a climax on the Birdsville Track, so I’m hoping there’s lots of red dust gonna get caught in R Pat’s Akubra…

Meanwhile, we leave tomorrow for our Noosa trip, driving across the Hay Plains… my husband keeps on about ‘making hay while the sun shines’ in terms of our driving and I snicker. The kids are really excited about visiting Queensland but I don’t know if they’ve quite grabbed the concept of three days driving. They’re mad keen on the whole Olympics thing at the moment and I keep getting asked if Queensland is further than London and couldn’t we go to London this time instead.

I am on track with the revisions I’ve been doing all July but I can’t decide whether to print and take the book with me, or use the holiday as a break from it and come back with fresh eyes. Given the Olympics will give us lots to watch at night, I’m kind of leaning towards the latter.

I think it will feel like I’ve left the baby behind…