Don’t blame it on the sunshine…

Is it normal to have a lazy patch from one book to the next? My motivation levels which were on a high three weeks ago have suddenly gone from hero to zero. I could blame winter (I’ve been blaming it solid for at least the last week) but yesterday and today have been glorious sunshine.

So now I’m blaming the sunshine. Because instead of writing, I’ve been gardening.

I don’t know if it’s a come-down from the mad race of finishing my first book to my self-imposed August 31 deadline; or because I’m now on the ‘waiting-for-news’ rollercoaster because I’ve queried the book.

The good news on that front is, I received a positive response to my query from the first agent I’ve targeted and she is now in receipt of the first three chapters. Which means, again, I’m now at the mercy of knowing if it gets rejected, it isn’t the query that’s at fault…

It doesn’t matter how many times I tell myself not to get my hopes up, I know I’m going to feel damn flat if I’m heading into more rejection.

But all that doesn’t quite explain why I’m not pressing on with my new project. Everything I’ve read says when you finish your first book and query it, start writing the second to take your mind off the query process with the first…

Way back when I began this blog, I mentioned His Brand Of Beautiful was my second book, and I’d written a first one, Fringe Benefits, going back about two years.

It’s this book I’m now trying to get excited about.

I’ve sat down a couple of times but I don’t know if I’m reluctant to get ‘consumed’ by it again – or perhaps more correctly – I’m reluctant to test the waters with hubby if I get ‘consumed’ by it again… The other night after the kids were in bed he looked at me with a cocked eyebrow and said: “Are you writing again?”… Like again.

See. That’s why I really need an agent to say they like this book because I just know there’ll be commiserations from my hubby if it gets rejected, (and they’ll be genuine) but there might also be just a hint of “I told you so” along with a touch of: so now it’s time to get a ‘real’ job don’t you think?

Case in point on my procrastination front: I have time today (like right now). My eldest son is at kindergarten, hubby is at work and shortly, younger son should (crosses fingers) have his sleep…

And what am I doing?

• I’ve paid a few bills online.

• Been down to collect the mail.

• Raked-over the new vegie patch

• Blown bubbles with my son (this was great fun so I’m not begrudging it)

• Surfed the net for news of the West Coast Eagles (go Eagles)

• And now I’m writing this post.

In other words. I am not making the most of prime-time, writing-time.

I think I’m having a little trouble transitioning out of the ‘world’ of Christina and Tate in HBOB; and into the world of Quin and Seth in FB. (What is it about all these ‘b’ words in my book titles anyway?)

I don’t think it’s writer’s block. It might be ‘mother’s block’… in that I feel I owe my family some time… Either way I think the answer is probably soldier on and work through it.

Any tips out there for writer’s block, mother’s block or (for that matter) a five-year-old’s icecream birthday cake recipe (I have a party for my son on Sunday). Please feel free to share!

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