Up. Down. Flying around

Somewhere a long time ago, I think in Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus, I read that women are like waves. We go up. We come down. We have peaks and troughs.

I am less than one month from being able to add Published Author to my resume. This is wildly exciting, and it’s plain dang terrifying. Which one I pick depends very much on my mood.

I am lucky in many ways. In this last few weeks I have uprooted my family from South Australia and moved to the south west of West Australia (Margaret River) where we will now begin the next phase of our life. I’ve settled my son in his new school and I have my fingers crossed that yesterday I found a house that we can call our own (rental house)… my poor suffering sister has been putting up with the three of us, and if this rental house comes through, she has a few more weeks to wait yet until she can have her house to herself again.

Today, I start a new job. It’s a (hopefully) simple admin/reception job that will let me go to work four hours a day and be paid for it, and leave me full of energy and creativity for my writing… (Yes, did I ever tell you I’m a Glass-Half-Full kind of person?!) I like to hope for the best and cross my fingers.

So there’s lots going on. It’s a good way to be in the month before you have a book coming out I think. I don’t dwell quite so much on the things that terrify me, and I can concentrate my energy instead on the things that thrill me, like for example, an email yesterday that said I might see the cover of His Brand Of Beautiful today. (SQUEEE).

And like, an email from a publisher who I submitted HBOB to last year. While they’re too late this time around, they wanted to see the Full of HBOB, and it’s a publisher with whom I would have been rapt to be involved.

There was also an email from Escape Publishing’s marketing department talking about book reviews (ones I’d arranged, and ones they’d arranged) and saying they would send my book off for pre-release reviews today. (Double SQUEE).

And then it hits me: Pure. Unadulterated. Terror! This is REAL. My book will be in the public domain. There will be reviews (good and bad). People will find out I’m a complete writing imposter inside this journalist’s body. My father will find out. My mother-in-law might read it and her opinion of me (which is currently very high) will change forever!

Did I say my father might find out? He would never read it. My Dad and Kindle’s are on distant planets. That is one good thing!

So excitement and dread in almost equal proportions.

All around me in my writing cyberspace, author friends are celebrating or awaiting new releases. They are (I’m sure) going through these same emotions. Terror. Dread. Ups and downs. Flat spots and curve balls. They are Facebooking and Tweeting and Blogging and Blog Hopping and Cyber Partying. It’s great to watch and it’s wonderful to see Australian authors having incredible success.

I can’t wait for March; and yet this beautiful limbo is also in its own way, strangely appealing.

4 thoughts on “Up. Down. Flying around”

  1. Hey Lily,
    Yeah on finding a place and a job! You move quick 🙂

    I hope your book cover is everything you ever thought possible and you love it! I hope you get goosebumps seeing it and your name on it.

    Good luck with the reviews. I can understand your terror with them. But remember – it’s all subjective!

    Good luck for the next month! Enjoy the ride to publication!

    Cate xox

    1. Thank you Cate Pentagon Ellink.
      I’ve been out (yes, working) and just got back and my cover is here… I still have to get used to it but that big Lily Malone in capitals on the cover by gee – that’s as good as the girl and guy and the vineyard on it!
      Thanks for the good wishes!
      Lily M.

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