Videos, Reviews, Sales!

I’ve been offline for a while, waiting for Telstra to hook up our computer connection… (Did I mention I’d been waiting?)… Waiting. Waiting…

But! I finally had the chance to see a YouTube video that Escape Publishing (may they sell a gazillion books forever) made for His Brand Of Beautiful and I am so excited by it, I’m on cloud nine this afternoon.

If you’d like to, please check it out here

I love the way Haylee Kerrans (publishing manager with Escape) says: “Steamy moments”… I thought they were steamy too, but I’m biased!

Meanwhile, if you are yet to catch up with Escape’s author Love Story, it is coming to a close. By Friday, Laura and Cormac’s own steamy moment/sticky situation/ call it what you will, ends by hook or by crook. It’s been such great fun to be part of. Now all us authors are trying to name our story… I like: “Love In A Blue Towel”.






3 thoughts on “Videos, Reviews, Sales!”

  1. Hey, great plug from Haylee there – one of her favourites… can’t get much better than that!!

    Good for you, Lily!

    Cate xo

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