Everyone is Awesome, you are Too!

I’m surrounded by people who amaze me regularly and it got me to thinking: we can’t all be good at everything, but I think for every person on the planet, there is something they ARE good at. The trick is to find that thing that makes you shine!

One of my boys made a comment yesterday about being crap at a computer game. He lost his shit when someone shot him in the game, and then launched into a meltdown about how he should be better than that person because he’s been playing longer… and you know, he probably just needed a hug and he definitely needed dinner; but my line of reasoning was that he couldn’t be good at everything, and that if the game was making him sad he should stop doing it. Basically, I told him: ‘if it’s not fun, fuck it’.

Yes, I whispered the swear word and told him he wasn’t allowed to say it to anyone else and especially not his brother, but the cut-through of the word had the desired effect. He smiled and his eyes went wide (ooh, Mum you swore!), but he chilled out about the game, had his dinner, and was a different kid.

This happened on the type of day where I felt enormously lucky to be surrounded by people who are truly great at things. Different things. And on several occasions recently I’ve become aware of hidden talents in my friends, things I’d really never known about because they don’t shout about them… 

I’m good at writing books. I’m shit at baking. I can’t wrap Christmas presents (or any present, let’s face it); I will never be organised and I will always run late.

I have friends whose talents are out in the open… Nigel Lullfitz and Kerry Sibly for example. Both are awesome artists: Nigel with sculpture, and Kerry, well he’s incredible at lots of things, but particularly painting cows, sheep, dogs, & VWs on corrugated iron…

I have an old school friend, Sarah. She always had an amazing singing voice, and was the fastest girl in school. What I didn’t know until we reconnected on Facebook was that she can bake and decorate the most amazing cakes.

There is Kylie – who is incredible in the garden and grows vegies like you wouldn’t believe.


There’s Carrie – pilates queen, sailor, awesome cook, and she can back her own camper-trailer! (Wonder Woman). There’s Jules who can sew, and who puts clothes together with a flair I could never match. Tanja who teaches karate and if she isn’t a black-belt, she’s all but! Bel who can spot an orchid at 50 paces and tell you its name; Dayna who works in the ER and could save your life (plus makes an awesome quiche); Beauticians Thea & Tash who spend their working days making people look good and feel better about themselves.

There’s Anita, Amy, Carol, all expressing themselves through art.

Jo and Lee who can put together incredible mosaics, outdoor furniture and home decor.

Tamara who plays in a band!


And there are those whose talents are harder to see. They’re the ones working on studying toward a new (or the same) dream; and those who volunteer their time and skills to help others (such as Meals on Wheels or hospital visits) or animals:  RSPCA and placing rescue dogs or cats; or helping injured animals, kids or adults.

Empathy, sympathy, any ability to make people about you feel good: those are skills to be proud of!

So to my amazing friends – you are all awesome! We can’t all be great at everything, but I think everyone is great at something. Thanks for giving me something to ponder this afternoon, and please keep on being you, and being brilliant!

xx Lily

7 thoughts on “Everyone is Awesome, you are Too!”

  1. Loved this, Lily. Was it Fortnite, because if so it is a frustrating game haha. But I love the lesson you taught him and also the point you made about all people and their talents and interests – I tend to agree.

    1. OMG bloody Fortnite! It was actually a bit nastier than that. He was really upset because of kids (his mates) kicking him out of the ‘party’ because (he says) they think he can’t play and he drags the score down? Or they have to carry him, or something like that. He said “I’m always spamming them wanting to play and they don’t want to play with me” – my heart nearly broke! He’s a good kid and he’s popular – he’s good at footy and particularly the moment basketball, and he does have lots of mates, but gees kids at this age group know how to sock a kid where it hurts. He’s very competitive, and he just hates being ‘not great’ at something! Thanks for visiting the post, Holden 🙂

      1. Ah, poor kid. I feel for him and it’s great he has a mum like you to help him navigate that. TBH this is partly why I don’t play multiplayer games: I must be one of the few people on earth who buys Call of Duty games just to play the campaign mode, because I enjoy the gameplay and the story, as opposed to playing with other people I know. The multiplayer stuff sadly enables that kind of cruel behaviour to happen because kids who are competitive about their games will care more about playing well in a group than having a good time. Which inherently I can kind of understand, but it’s a REALLY shit way to treat a mate. Anyway, glad to see he’s got someone awesome like you leading him through it – bravo.

  2. Great post Lily. Two of my sons are gamers and I think they learn some good life lessons whilst playing. My son was so upset once when he had spent months collecting items only to have a seasoned player trick him into giving them to him. I told him to laugh it off, a life lesson learned. You can’t trust everyone. The good thing about boys is they can argue one minute and still be best friends all forgotten a minute later.
    I’ve been thinking about my talent. It’s nothing creative or arty. I’m very patient and I’m a good listener. I’m going to be looking out now for my friends and children’s special talents.

  3. Is the Carol you refer to in the painting the same Carol who is an awesome book blogger? We have been Facebook friends for years and have never met 🙄 Another reason to visit your part of the world one day and have that drink together and finally meet Carol 👍🏻

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