After-holiday glow

Well we’re back home after two weeks in the beautiful sun at Noosa.

Almost 5000km we’ve clocked up with two kids under 5, and not a DVD on the player for the entire trip. Honestly those kids were brilliant company to travel with, and to think we’d been worried about it and everyone we told about the trip gave us that sympathetic look the second we said we were driving… seriously, driving?

Our eldest son took it on himself to be our sign reader, explaining every sign along the way and there were some beauties. For example: slippery, skiddy road. (This is the one with the car and the squiggly lines for wet/icy roads). “This way, This way” for any directional arrow he saw and “don’t play on the roads” for any picture of a mum holding a child’s hand. There was also “fully steep hill” for the sign telling trucks to slow down on descents.

He’d sound beautiful on a GPS… we should patent him.

The youngest son is in a ‘poo’ phase whereby he’ll shout something out followed by the word poo. The most common was: Jibber Jabber POO. And Yo Gabba Gabba POO!!!!

All the way north the weather felt warmer until by Tamworth we were pulling off jackets and I ditched my gloves and beanie (tho it was darn cold overnight). And Noosa was about 23-24 all the time we were there. Ferry trips; beach visits; a trip to Australia Zoo.

No rain the entire time until yesterday around about Tailem Bend on the last 100km leg. Twelve degrees at home; cloudy today and they must have had frosts here because heaps of my plants are burnt.

For the first time in about 18 months I managed to put all things books and writing in the background (pretty much) and it was only yesterday that it started poking around my head again, which is good. I had a couple of small but good ideas on the drive and I’ll go add them in while they’re fresh. Then no more procrastination, if I’m serious about ever getting published I’m in my ‘window of opportunity’ at the moment and so the back half of August will be back on the query train.



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