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If it’s good enough for Alex…

One more day to launch! What a ride it’s been… and now I’m on The Goodbye Ride. 🙂

In less than two months, I’ve had my debut book published (His Brand Of Beautiful – with Escape Publishing) and last weekend I uploaded my new self-published novella, The Goodbye Ride.

Tomorrow, I start a blog hop. Not too many lily pads (so to speak), just a choice few.

I chose the Kindle KDP Select program, which means The Goodbye Ride is only available for hire or purchase using a Kindle, at Amazon for at least 90 days. Why did I go with this and not make it available at as many distribution centres as I could? Well… frankly, I’m doing what Alexandra Sokoloff recommends and if it’s good enough for Alex, it’s sure as heck good enough for me.

Under Kindle KDP Select, The Goodbye Ride can utilise up to five, free days amongst the 90-day exclusive listing. I’m using three of those days for the launch and I hope you take the opportunity to pick up The Goodbye Ride while it’s free.

In a nutshell: It’s a short and sweet (not too sweet) contemporary romance about a boy with a secret, a bike with a past; birds, bees, and a birthday. (The Queen’s no less).

Lily Malone Promo pic
Thanks Lilliana Anderson for the graphic
I’ve already had some lovely reviews for the book. You can see what people have to say at Goodreads and you can add The Goodbye Ride to your TBR pile there too.
More details of my lily pad hops tomorrow, plus I’ll give you a big shout out when the book is available free!

4 thoughts on “If it’s good enough for Alex…”

    1. Tee hee… I thought the idea of a blog hop on a lily pad was pretty cute too! Thanks Jenn… hey – if you aren’t busy tonight – Goodbye Ride is free now on Amazon. I wanted to be so sure it was free by tomorrow (launch) that I went a bit early! Just in case you need a break from being head down bum up in House No. 3.

      Cheers L

  1. Hey Lily,
    I hope “The Goodbye Ride” you’re on is THE story and not the end of your stories! 🙂

    Oh, it’s free now, cool, I’ll go grab it for my Kindle! Thanks.

    Happy Happy Launch Day (even if it’s not for you yet!)

    Cate xox

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